Chyawanprash – everything you should know about it.🌷

🤔What is Chyawanprash?
👉It is one of most famous Ayurvedic jam or avleh of semi solid consistency, it’s recipe is described in Ayurvedic samhitas under rasayan or rejuvenator. 🌷☘️

🤔Why it is named as Chyawanprash?
👉It was first used by sage chywan as a anti aging formulation and as it is semisolid in consistency and meant to lick or prashan so it is named as Chyawanprash. 👍🌷

🤔What are the ingredients of chyawanprash?
👉Amla is the main ingredient other than that many herbs,spices, ghee, sugar etc are used. ☘️🌷

🤔How it effect doshas??
👉It balances vata and kapha dosha, can increase pitta slightly. 🌹☘️

🤔What are the uses of Chyawanprash??

✅It is a best anti-aging preparation it prevent early aging signs like premature greying of hairs, wrinkles, joint pain etc. 😎

✅It nourishes and rejuvenate body deep body tissues. 😍

✅It improves immunity specially respiratory immunity. Useful in cough,cold, asthma, allergic rhinitis and tuberculosis .It improves oxygen supply to body tissues. 🤗

✅It prevent and cure throat and chest infections. 😀

✅ It improve digestive power and relieve constipation.🌸

✅ Good for heart, liver , bones ,teeth, eyes,voice, skin and hairs.💁‍♀️

✅ Improve memory, relieves stress and calm mind.😇

✅It strengthen sense organs. 👀👃👅🧠
✅ Improve fertility and helps in maintaining healthy menstrual cycle .🌻

🤔Which age group can have it?
👉 Children, young and old everyone can have it. 🌱

🤔When to take it?
👉Empty stomach 10-15 minutes before breakfast .🌼

🤔What should be it’s dose?
👉 1-2 tablespoon.( 10- 20 gm), it should be decided according to age and other factors. 🌿

🤔Should it be taken with milk or water?
👉Classically there is no reference to take it with milk or water, generally warm milk is taken after few minutes of having chyawanprash as milk is also a rasayan and cold in potency so it balances and improves chyawanprash efficiency. 🌺🌺
👉Better to avoid milk immediately after having Chyawanprash give few minutes gap.🌺🌺
👉Chyawanprash can also be taken with warm water as chyawanprash is sweet and unctuous which has nature to stick in mouth and warm water clean that stickiness of oral cavity .🌿🌿

🤔 Can chyawanprash be mix with with milk?
👉 No. ❌

🤔 Plain or sona- chandi Chyawanprash which is good?

👉Classical formulation ( plain Chyawanprash ) is good for everyone, if you want to have other variants consult Ayurvedic doctor .✅

🤔 Dose it cause weight gain ?
👉 No.❌

🤔Can it be taken night??
👉No. ❌

🤔How to test quality of chyawanprash??
👉There should be smell of spices like cinnamon, cardamom and long pepper in it. 🌷
👉It should be more sour and spicy in taste than sweet.🌷
👉 Properly cooked chyawanprash is semi solid in consistency and it sink in water, it does not spread. 🌷

🤔Can it be taken on daily basis regularly?
👉Those who frequently suffer from respiratory disorders can take it regularly whole year. ✅🌼
👉Person who feel burning in stomach after having it can reduce the quantity or can have milk after it or they can avoid it in warm weather✅. 🌺
👉 Normally gap of few months can be given. ✅🌸

🌻 Consult Ayurvedic doctor to know when, how much and how long you can take Chyawanprash, who decides what is best for you according to your prakriti and other factors. 🌿

🌱Many Ayurvedic pharmacies and Vaidhyas prepare it.

Shatadhaut ghrit – Multipurpose Ayurvedic cream.

✅Like ghee is good to use in food, it is also good for external use on skin.😎

✅Shata means hundred, dhaut means wash and ghrita is ghee so
ghee which is washed 100 times with water is Shatadhaut ghrit.😍

✅It has cool, hydrating, moisturizing, healing and cleaning effect on skin. 👍
✅It penetrats deep in skin and repairs damaged skin tissues . 🌹
✅It can be used by all skin types on regular basis, it doesnt give sticky effect on skin. 🤗

✅It can be used as a daily cream in place of chemical based products even it can be used for facials. 🌻

✅It is not just a regular cream but a multipurpose ointment . 🤩

☘️Shatadhaut ghrit is useful for external application in following conditions-

🌼Burn wounds and burning sensation. 🔥
🌼Closed wounds, skin rashes and scars.☘️

🌼 Excellent skin moisturizer. Make skin soft and glowing.It repairs and regenerates skin tissues, protect elasticity of skin. It is Good for dry skin as well.🌵

🌼 Useful in hyperpigmentation of skin.🌷

🌼 It is useful to lighten dark circles beneath eye.☘️


🌼 It cures cracked heels and chapped lips.🌵

🌼 It can be applied to heal cracked nipples in new mother. 🤱

🌼 Used as nappy rash cream.🧒

🌼 Useful in minor skin issues.🌹

🌼 It is applied around umbilicus in case of spotting during pregnancy.🤰

🌼 It can be applied on abdomen during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. 🤰☘️
🌼It can be applied on fungal skin infections. 🌻
🌼 It can be applied on fissure cuts☀️👍

One cream with multiple uses, must try this simple yet very effective Ayurvedic formulation.

Karela or Karvellak( Bitter gourd)

Vegetable for covid patient

☘️As for maintaining good health Ayurveda suggest to use 6 taste sweet, sour, salt, bitter, astringent and pungent. 🌹
☘️Karela is bitter taste vegetable which should be part of diet in healthy condition and in many disease conditions. 👍

☘️It is bitter and pungent in taste.
☘️It is light, dry, hot and penetrating in action.🌻
☘️It balances Kapha and pitta dosha 🌼
☘️It’s leaves and fruit are of medicinal importance. 🌷

🌺Benefits of karela

☘️ It improves appetite and digestive strength , have its sabji or juice 🤤

☘️It has mild laxative action. 🌾

☘️It improves health as it is rich in antioxidants. 🌹

☘️It is extremely useful in respiratory disorders like difficulty in breathing, cough, cold and asthma.✅🤧
☘️It should be given during fever. 🤒

☘️It is great vegetable for Hemorrhoid or piles patients.🌵

☘️It should be part of diet of Diabetic patients, it helps in controlling blood sugar level and frequent urination. It’s sabji or juice can be taken , but diabetic person who is continuously losing weight should avoid it juice on daily basis .🌷

☘️ It is useful in urinary tract disorder. 🌻
☘️ It is used in skin diseases both internally and externally. It’s juice or sabji can be consumed and paste of its leaves or fruit can be applied on skin.
☘️It purifies blood 🌷

☘️It helps in treating intestinal worms. 🐛
☘️It helps in healing wounds, should be given in post operative condition . 🌸
☘️It is used in bleeding disorders like nose bleeding, bleeding piles and heavy periods. 🌼
☘️It should be used in diet of obese person as it helps in losing weight. 🌷
☘️It protects liver, useful in fatty liver .🌵
☘️ It has anti malaria effect. 🦟
☘️ It relieves inflammation. 🌻
☘️Karela is used in cardiovascular disorders 💝
☘️It helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. 🌷
☘️It purifies breast milk of new mother . If baby continously suffer from cough, cold or spit milk then karela sabji should be given to mother 🤱
☘️ It is a Immunomodulator herb.👍

☘️It should not be taken in excess.🌼

How to use it?? 🤔

✅It’s fresh Juice 10 – 20 ML can be taken

✅It can be cooked with ghee and spices and used as vegetables.
✅ Karela cooked in ghee does not cause acidity.

Peya (Rice soup)🥣

☘️Whenever we think of light to digest food only khichdi or daliya comes to the mind but there are many recipes in ayurveda which are light to digest, nutritional and help to regain strength.

☘️One such recipes is peya.

☘️It is useful in following conditions

✅When someone fell ill or recovering from illness.

✅Weak digestion.
✅Low appetite.
✅Loose motions.
✅Excessive thirst and dry mouth.
✅Fever, fatigue and weakness
✅Vata disorders
✅Old people

👉Recipe of peya is very simple and easy to prepare, it can be prepared in two ways

  1. Take rice (1part) cook it properly with water (6 part or 14part), it should be semisolid consistency.

Black pepper, rock salt, coriander, dry ginger, ghee and other herbs can be added in it as per requirement.🌸🌺

  1. Take 800 ML of water add dry ginger, black pepper, coriander and cumin (all 5gms), boil water to reduce it half (400ml), filter this water and use this decoction to cook rice(about 50gm).👍

👉Prepare it fresh and have it little warm.

👉It should not be thick in consistency.

👉Consult Ayurvedic doctor to know what herbs you can use, he will suggest according to your requirement.

When you have fever follow Do’s and Don’ts as per Ayurveda.

Do’s –

🌷 First and most important thing ayurveda suggest in fever is langhan( fasting) or eating light food in less quantity.

🌷Include ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cumin, Tulsi, black pepper, moong daal, old rice,poha,parval,cooked radish, brinjal, karela,moringa leaves, drumsticks,raisin and pomegranate in diet .

🌷Moong daal soup with salt, pepper, turmeric and ginger.

🌷 Boil ginger,clove, basil leaves, cinnamon , fennel seeds and black pepper in 1 glass of water till it remains 1/4 ,take this decoction twice a day.

🌷 Decoction of Giloy , nagarmotha,dhaniya and amla .

🌷 Rice water with little salt and pepper.

🌷 khichdi .

🌷Boiled or steamed vegetables.

🌷 Boiled water.

🌷Take Ayurvedic medicine to improve metabolism , remove toxins and increasing immunity after consultation with ayurvedic doctor.

Don’ts –

❌Bathing on first day fever if it is due to cold.

❌ Excercise or physical exertion.

❌Sexual activity.

❌Day time sleeping

❌Astringent taste food.

❌Sweet ,sour taste.
❌ Heavy to digest food.

❌Non veg , alcohol, milk, ghee, buttermilk ,chana daal,betel leaf.


❌Red colour clothes.

❌Exposure to wind.

🤔What can be done to improve nutrients availability and absorption from food??

👉There are few things which can be taken with food in small amount, they not only give there own benefits but they enhance the effectiveness and absorption of nutrition of other ingredients with which it is taken.

👉People whose diet is less like children or old person, this yogvahi or bioenhancer can be added in their food so that even with less food they get maximum nutrition.

👉Also those who can’t afford food or family with low income can include these things in their food for proper nutrition and to protect themselves from nutritional deficiency .

✅Honey is considered as best yogvahi.
✅Ghee – that is why is integral part of Indian food.
✅Shunthi(dry ginger)
✅Black pepper
✅Trikatu ( combination of Pippali, shunthi and marich)
✅Mulethi or yashtimadhu
✅Moringa leaves

👉 Even most of Ayurvedic medicines contains one or more of the above things to improve there action at target site.
👉 Also many Ayurvedic medicines are suggested to be taken with ghee or honey to improve their efficiency.

Diabetes – diet and lifestyle suggestions 🌺

🌱Good diet can prevent and help in managing even difficult to cure disease like diabetes . 🙏
🌱In Ayurveda it is said that no medicine is equivalent to food with only proper diet management many diseases can cured. 🌴

🌱Whenever someone is diagnosed with diabetes many suggestions start pouring like don’t eat this don’t eat that and the person thinks that there are very less options available for him now , he gets so disheartened and demotivated that sometimes he don’t want to follow any rules. 🙄

🌱So it is very important to plan diet of a diabetic person with healthy and tasty varieties of food items according to his preferences, age, season, time of day, region and lifestyle . 🌻🌼
🌱 Food should be planned in such a way that it looks good ,colourful and flavourful at the same time they can be prepared with easily available ingredients and easy process. 🌴🌺🌻

🌱 Food which is as per individual choice and food with different ingredients helps in proper digestion, assimilation and absorption of nutrients. 😋😍
🌱Planned diet helps diabetic person to maintain blood sugar level and also help to prevent complications. 🌼🌻
🌱There are two types of diabetic person one is obese for whom dry, rough, bitter taste and kapha hara diet should be planned other is lean or emaciated person for whom nourishing, replenish and vata balancing diet should be planned. 👍🌼

🌱 Follow Ayurvedic rules of diet. Eat on fixed time with concentration, do not eat
less or in excess, keep 1/3 rd of stomach empty.☘️🌴

👉Avoid non nourishing, heavy and high glycemic index food. ✅

👉Vata and Kapha balancing diet are advised in diabetes. 🍀🌷
👉 Fix the timing of each meal like breakfast at 8am,fruits 10 am, lunch 12.30, evening snack 4 pm and dinner by 7pm.🌷🍀🌞

👉Millets are good options for diabetic as they are heavy so one cannot consume it in excess, they gives feeling of fullness and take time to convert into sugar so they do not raise blood sugar level immediately .🌟🌞🌻

👉For lunch and dinner roti, sabji and dal can be planned for 7 days.🌼

👉Roti options – Barley roti, bajra roti, jowar, vegetable stuffed roti, ragi roti and wheat roti. ☘️
👉Bajra Khichdi is good option for old age people. 🌷
👉 Pulses- green gram, horse gram, chana dal and toor daal. ☘️
👉Avoid daal makhkhani ❌

👉Fruits are less in calories, nourishing and full of antioxidants
Fruits – pomegranate, apple, mango, guava, grapes, orange and papaya. 🍎🍇🍒🍓🍊🍍

👉Vegetables -Vegetables like parwal, karela, ash gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd, turai, kundru, drumstick, leafy vegetables should be used by cooking in less oil or ghee and spices. 🍆🥥🥕
❌Avoid mushrooms and root vegetables excessive use.
❌Avoid raw vegetables in excess.
❌ Lean diabetic person should not have bitter taste things like karela juices daily or in excess .

👉Use oil like – sesame, mustard and ghee for cooking ✅
👉Use rock salt for daily food ✅
👉 Dry fruits, seeds, methidana, cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, carom seeds etc are should be use.

👉Use Methi leaves as sabji, roti or daal methi. ✅
👉Use ragi, barley, finger millet for making idli, dosa in place of rice. ✅
👉Have rice with methi powder and buttermilk.
👉 Prepare Noddles, Manchurian, pizza base with ragi, barley like ingredients.

🌺Few morning drinks which can be taken empty stomach –
✅Bael leaves juice with black pepper
✅Giloy kwath
✅Amla juice with turmeric
✅Triphala kada with haldi

Note- Amla and turmeric combination is extremely good in diabetes.

🌺Few recipes for breakfast and snacks

👉Take Soaked and boiled pulses like moong, chana or methi seeds add chopped vegetables like cucumber, onion, tomatoes, green coriander, beetroot, carrot etc according to season, add lemon juice , black pepper, salt and coconut scrapping mix thoroughly and serve . 🥗

👉Green gram or Chana daal chilla (pancake) .
👉 Rava, poha and vegetables cutlets .

👉 Barley daliya and upma.

👉Barley khichdi – Mix Barley, chana dal, ginger, peanut, turmeric,salt and cook them in water and seasoning it with ghee, cumin, mustard, curry leaves, coconut, lemon juice .


✅Rice, laja (puffed rice), moong dal or red gram soup can be taken add amla, garlic , black pepper,hing, ginger, coriander leaves in them.


✅Buttermilk should be taken as it clears body channels, reduce inflammation add roasted methi, cumin, amla powder , jamun seed power, curry leaves and coriander leaves in it.

✅Take Milk with haldi, pepper, cardamom, black pepper etc.

✅Milk boiled with ragi is also healthy and nutritional option.

✅Kokum drink – soak Cocum in water, add powder of roasted cumin , mustard, garlic, black pepper,dry ginger, salt and curry leaves, mix them and strain.
👉 Sour taste things like lemon, kokum, citrus medica, amla etc are good for diabetic person as sour taste is good for heart and diabetic persons are at risk of heart diseases. 🌷

❌Avoid alcohol, excessive use of milk and milk products
❌Avoid curd
❌Avoid jaggery and it products
❌Avoid consumption of newly harvested grains.

🌺Lifestyle related tips

👉Avoid sleeping in daytime❌
👉Sleep by 10pm wake up between 5-6 am❌
👉Regular excercise, yoga,pranayam walk for 1 hour✅

👉Oil massage before bath, food massage before sleep. ✅
👉 Never hold natural urges. ✅
👉 Hold urges of negative emotions like grief, anger, anxiety, stress etc.

👉 Panchkarma therapies should be used to remove toxins specially in obese diabetic person , to protect eyes ayurvedic therapy like tarpan can be taken, for stress one can go for shirodhara .✅☘️

🌷 Take Ayurvedic treatment, follow Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle to maintain blood sugar level and to prevent diabetes complications. ✅

🤔What can be done to improve kids immunity and maintaining their health?? 🌱👶🧒👧

Tips for children health and immunity

👉Balayavastha is considered from 0 to 16 years as per ayurveda, it is kapha dosha dominant age, every child is different in prakriti but still kapha dosha is dominate in this age group, body tissues are not fully matured and are in growing stage, body immunity is low.👶🧒🌺
👉Like every stage and state of life, following Ayurvedic knowledge is great help for children growth, development and immunity. 👍🙏

🌻Things to be followed in daily routine 🌺

✅Try to fix daily routine of the kids as per his age and current season. 🌻
✅Make them sleep early and wake up early. 🌞🌟
✅ Use ayurvedic tooth powder to clean their teeth. Teach them to do oil pulling and tongue scrapping in morning.🌷
✅Tell them never to hold natural urges like urine, stool, sneezing,vomit, coughing, hunger, thirst etc. 🌴
✅Regular oil massage with sesame oil or Ayurvedic oils before bath.🌴
Bath should be take within 1-2 hours of waking up.
✅Use besan, haldi, almond powder, orange peel or lemon peel powder, milk, malai or curd paste for bath. 🌱🍁

✅Day sleep is good for children. 🤗
✅Foot massage before sleep 👣
✅Apply oil or ghee in naval before sleep. 🌷
✅Keep there hair and nails trimmed and clean. 🌻

✅Make them wear light colour clean clothes with no negative images or graffiti. 👍🌺

✅Playing or dancing like physical activities atleast for 1-2 hour in a day. ⛹️‍♂️
✅Indulge them in hobbie like drawing , playing Musical instruments,craft etc. 🎶

✅Involve them with daily household work. 🌷

✅Assigned them some daily duties but do not give incentives. 🌱

✅No horror , aggressive and sad TV shows, try to make them watch things from which they can learn something good or moral lessons .,👍🌴

✅Read good moral stories or stories of great personalities for them which inculcates courage, honesty, bravery, strength, co operation, truthfulness, adaptability and tolerance power in them. 🌞
✅ Teach them to pray and thank almighty in morning, before food, in evening and before sleep. 🙏🌟
✅ Teach them about importance of nature and connect them with nature by spending some time in garden, in moonlight etc.

🌻Diet related tips

✅Fix the time of food.🍱

✅Include all 6 tastes in food, sweet, sour, salt, pungent, astringent and bitter. 🍇🍌🍒
✅ Give only warm and fresh food.
✅ Overeating, undereating, eating without digestion of previous meal, eating at odd timing, eating bad combination food all are cause of diseases. 🌺

✅If child gets frequent cough and cold then don’t give milk first thing in the morning, in night also give milk 1 hour before sleep. If your child do not like milk then give ghee in good amount. 🍶🌺

✅No or less consumption of outside food, packaged food, cold beverages, ice-cream, pickles, soft drinks etc. 🌱🌷

✅Fast foods should be prepared at home with healthy ingredients like whole wheat+ashwagandha cookies, chyawanprah lollipops, ragi cakes, wheat pasta etc .👍🌴

✅For snacking give them laddoo, murmure, dry fruits, pakodas and other homemade things. 🌻👍

✅Give Tulsi, Black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, hing, moringa in daily food. 🌿☘️

✅Milk, ghee and white butter must be given regularly 🌹

✅Wheat, rice, ragi, moong daal,toor dal, chana dal should be given. 🌱

✅Seasonal vegetables should be given. 🌺

✅Seasonal fruits should be given, give fruits after 10 am. 🌸
✅Do not give leafy vegetables in excess. 🌱🍀

✅Almond, cashew nut, pistachio, cardamom, foxnut, dates, raisin, fig, coconut should be given 🌺
✅In place of chocolates give chikkis or dry fruits laddoos with dry ginger or Pippali powder as they enhance bio availability of nutrients. 🌺

✅Regular de worming with Ayurvedic medicines is must as worm can hamper there growth. 🌱✅

✅To improve appetite give buttermilk mix with lavan bhaskar powder. 🌷

✅ Give them Srikhandh, panchamrit,gulkand and amla candy.
✅ To make there food nutritive herbs can be added in daily food like in roti ashwagandha, shatavari, Pippali, vidang or other herbs can be given as per requirement
🌺In milk ashwagandha, shatavari, mulethi can be added .

👶What Ayurvedic formulation can be given to children
✅bala panchamrit

👉Regularly visit Ayurvedic doctor for child check up. 🌺🌷
👉In any health issues of children give Ayurvedic treatment at earliest as it is safe and effective. 🍀🌞

🙏 Children follow there parents and people around them, so by following healthy routine and diet yourself makes easy for children to follow good habits.

Tandulodaka (Rice water)- it’s uses and method of preparation.

It is very easy preparation and useful in many conditions.
It is cold in potency, it balances pitta and vata dosha.
It is nutritional.

Tandulodaka is useful in following conditions
 Burning sensation
Burning and difficulty in urine
Heavy period
Nose bleeding
Excessive body heat
For good hair and skin -use it  both externally and internally.
Co drink of many Ayurvedic medicines.
 Plant fertilizer.

Things required  for 1 person one time dose.
1. Rice(1 tablespoon)  – use one year old, unpolished,raw not steamed rice Red variety rice are best but any rice can be used. 
2. Water(3/4 glass) –normal clean water,to make it more light boiled and then normally cooled down water can be used. 
3. Mud pot  – it is best to use but steel vessel can be used. 

Method of preparation
– clean and wash rice to remove dirt. 
-Soak rice in water in mud pot for 1-2 hours. 
– Then macerat rice for 1 minutes.
– Strain this, you will get cloudy water. 
– Have it once or twice a day, Consult Ayurvedic doctor to know dose, time and how long you should take it as per  your condition. 

When to avoid it?
❌In cold weather and in kapha  disorders it should be avoided like cough, cold, asthma etc.

Ayurvedic view about epidemic.

🤔Is there any reference of epidemic in Ayurveda?

👉Yes, in all three major texts of Ayurveda there is mention of epidemic.🌱

🤔How Ayurveda describes epidemic?

👉In Ayurveda epidemic is described as’Janapadodhwamsam’ which means
Jana – community
Udhwamsam- destruction.
That is destruction of large community is janpadodhwansam. 👍

🤔What causes epidemic?

👉As per Ayurveda adharma is the root cause of epidemic. 🌿
👉Adharma is unruly behavior, not following rules of dharma, country or states by majority of population. 🌺

👉Progyaapradha – Not using intellect, even knowing that particular action of yours will cause harm to you and environment and still indulging in those activities is intellectual error or pragyapradh . 🙄
👉 Because of that adharma, environment also become unruly. 😯

🤔Why adharma increase?
With end of every yug, 1/4 th of human satva,physical and mental strength, lifespan and health lost result in adharma or unruly behavior . 🙏

👉 Again there are 2 types of factors which causes epidemic

  1. Normal or general – when air, water, land and season vitiated.
    🌱Air vitiation seen as fierce movement of air, very hot,very cold,very dry or humid air with odd smell, sand particles cause burning in eyes, diffulty in breathing and allergies.
    🌱Water vitiation results in bad taste,smell, colour and touch of Water. Death of aquatic animals and birds.
    🌱Land – abnormal colour, smell, taste and touch, increased number of insects, wild animals and weeds, Animals and birds cries.
    🌱Kala or time – absence of dharma, truth, morality and modesty.
    Fear, confusion, apprehension, darkness and crying noise in environment.
    Seasons show different features then there normal ones, they may be opposite, less or excess of their natural characteristics. 🌀🌦️⛈️

👉All these 4 types of vitiated factors are common to large population which leads to destruction.

👉Vitiation of air, water, land and Kaal are dangerous in increasing order, Kaal is most difficult to manage, it also effects all other 3 factors and it is difficult to escape . 🌵🌻
👉These 4 factors gets polluted or act abnormally due to sinful act of ruler, merchant and common people of region, state or country.🌼☘️
👉Not following righteous path also leads to fights and war among countries and people due to increased greed, anger and ego.🏵️
👉Demons or micro organisms like viruses also destroy people as they become weak . 👹

  1. Abnormal or special – impact of abnormal planets, sun, moon, star movement result in abnormal season or Kala. 💮

🤔What are the common health issues seen in epidemic ?
👉Cough, dyspnoea, rhinorrhea, anosmoea and other respiratory tract problems.
👉Headache, fever, eruptive fever and giddiness. 🤧🤒🤕

🤔How communicable diseases spread??
👉Staying in close association.
👉Droplet infection through cough, sneezing, talking and laughing.
👉Eating together, sharing food
👉Sharing clothes, ornaments, soap, cosmetics, bed, chair etc.

🤔How to treat these problems?
👉 Diseases manifested in epidemic can be prevented and treated with Ayurvedic medicines. 🌿🌱
👉Medicine or herbs collected, preserved and administrate properly can treat epidemic diseases easily there is no need to worry . 👍🌱
👉Panchkarma and Rasayan chikitsa are best treatment. ✅
👉Dharma or rules of diet, living and governance, should be followed by community. ✅
👉Good conduct should be taught from childhood only. ✅
👉Education and practical knowledge about importance of environment should be given from early age . ✅

👉Truthfulness,compassion,charity, prayer, good deeds, reading religious scriptures, staying in contact with sattvik people and remembering God act as therapy during this time . ✅
👉Brahmacharya or controlling self, prevention of pragyapradh (intellectual error) should be followed at personal level,Industrial level and by rulers of region. ✅😇🙏

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