Ayurveda recommends rock salt to use in daily cooking!!

🌺Saindhav Lavan or rock salt is one of the 5 type of salt which ayurveda indicates but it is best among all as it is pacify all three Dosha vata pitta and kapha which is rare with salt. 👌

🌺It is among the few substances which ayurveda suggest to use daily.💯

🌺It is salty in taste but also slightly sweet. 🤗

🌺It is cold in potency usually salt is hot in potency so it is different from regular salt. 🙏

🌺Light to digest and also make food easy to digest. 👍

🌺Salt usually increase pitta but rock salt helps to balance pitta Dosha. ☺️

🌺It improve taste in food ,increase digestive strength, improve appetite, relieves constipation and bloating. 😅

🌺It control sugar cravings. 💁‍♀️

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🌺It is rich in minerals and yes it also contain iodine in small amount. 😎

🌺It does not cause burning infact soothes heartburn. 👌👌

🌺It relieve chest congestion , dissolve and expel sputum- apply sesame oil +salt on chest and back before bath . ✅

🌺It is useful in sinusitis. 😍

🌺It is good for eyes. 😀

🌺It is good for heart. ❤️

🌺It is useful in hiccups-sip water mix with rock salt . 👍

🌺It relax mind and body. 😇

🌺It is useful in Anemia. 🌻

🌺It strengthen bone. 🦴

🌺It remove stored fat cell so useful in obesity. 🌹

🌺It works as teeth whitener.

🌺Drinking small amount of rock salt in water give quick relief muscle cramps. 👌

🌺Gargling with rock salt in warm water give relieve in throat pain, throat swelling,dry cough, tonsillitis and remove bad breath. 🤩

🌺It give relieve in join stiffness , used in many ayurvedic oils and medicine. 👍

Things that should be avoided in regular diet.

Mustard leaves should not be consumed regularly as per ayurveda

🌱🌱Following things should be avoided for daily consumption as per Ayurveda( nitya asevaniya ahara)

👉Dried vegetables(packaged food mostly contain dried vegetables )

👉Food prepared by boiling curd, milk or buttermilk.


👉Solid part of curd

👉Recipe prepared by cooking curd and milk together.

👉Solid part of curdled milk( paneer)

👉Urad daal or black gram

👉Small variety of barley

👉Lakucha ( money jack fruit)



👉Leafy vegetables specially mustard leaves

👉Fermentated gruel

👉Phanit ( half cooked sugarcane juice)

👉Ghee and milk of sheep

👉Water of rivers during rainy season

👉Extremely fine powdered and starchy food like refined flour

👉Lotus rhizome and stalk

👉Dried meat

👉Meat of diseased animals

👉Meat of cow, Buffalo, pig and fish

🌺Above things are heavy to digest, cause blockage of body channels and aggravate doshas. 🌺

Nitya sevaniya ahara ( food that can be taken regularly)

🌻In Ayurveda to maintain health and to prevent diseases lot of importance is given to food.

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🌻Some foods are suggested to be used on  daily basis to protect health.

🌻These nitya sevaniya ( daily consumable) food are nutritive and at the same  time they are balanced.

🌻They have 6 rasas and all the essential components like protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.

🌻They helps in maintaining health and preventing diseases.

🌻They protect from diseases due to over nutrition and Mal nutrition.

🌻Nutritional deficiency is very common today in all age groups so including nitya sevaniya dravya in food one can prevent and manage them.
🌻They prevent and help in managing lifestyle related disorders like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.
🌻Nitya sevaniya aharas helps in maintaining digestive fire and as per ayurveda balanced agni is basis of good health.

What are nitya sevaniya aharas??

Green gram
✅Shashtik rice ( rice variety which grown in 60 days)
✅Dry grapes
Pointed gourd

✅Small radish
✅Rock salt
✅Meat of land animals( for non vegetarians)
✅Rain water

When everyone wants to know what to eat for perfect health and to improve immunity Ayurveda gives you answers , instead of going for some fancy food or supplement for good health include above simple things in diet.

Sabudana health benefits

🌷This white round pearls are pure carbohydrates they are low in fiber and protein.
🌷They also contain small amount of calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins .

🌷Starch which is extracted from stem of sago palm or from roots of topiaco goes through processing to make white round pearls.

🌷They are consumed in many parts of world.

🌷They are gluten free.

🌼Uses of sabudana

✅It easy to digest.Useful in weak digestion ,constipation and bloating.

✅It is good for muscle growth and muscle strength.

✅Good for bones.

✅It helps in improving weight.

✅Good to use in Acidity.

✅It is used in controlling body heat and burning sensation.

✅It is useful in headaches, vertigo and migraine due to heat.

✅ Good option for Children.

🤔Why are they consumed during fasting??
👉They gives instant energy
👉Light to digest
👉Satvic in nature
👉Regulate acid produced in stomach during fasting
👉When cooked with other ingredients like in kheer it is cooked with milk and in khichdi ghee, peanuts are added they increase its nutritional value.

🧐How to test its purity??
✅It is generally adulterated with talcum and sand. To test its purity burn it in open air if it is pure it swell and burn without leaving any residue and if it is adulterated appreciable amount of ash will left behind.
✅ Chew sabudana if it gives gritty feeling then it is adulterated.
Many times harmful chemicals are used for belching and processing it into white pearls.

🤔How to use them??

👉Khichdi, kheer, vada, thalipeth, papad, pancake can be made using sabudana.
👉Good option for breakfast
👉It should be consumed in moderation.

When to avoid it??
In obesity, diabetes and pcod.

Note-They should be soaked and cooked properly.

  • There is no reference of it in ayurvedic texts.

Do tongue scrapping on daily basis!!

🤔When was the last time you saw your tongue in mirror👅?? If you don’t see your tongue in morning regularly then make it a habit to notice the tongue which helps you to know about your overall health. 👍

👉Whenever you visit a doctor he checks your tongue as it tells about your oral and overall health condition. 😊

👉Tongue scrapping is a practice of cleansing tongue but slowly people especially younger generation has shunned this practice. 🙄

👉Tongue scrapping is part of daily Ayurvedic routine, after cleaning teeth with tooth powder or neem twig one must scrap tongue regularly.🙏

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👉It not only cleans the tongue but also remove bad breath and stimulate internal organs. 👍

👉Oral cavity is the opening of body through which it communicate🤝 with external environment and also its a place where digestion of food start as soon as you put something in mouth. 🌺

👉That is why we give importance to cleaning teeth😬 but ignore tongue cleaning😳

👉Tongue is a site of taste buds which when comes in contact with food give signal to brain 🧠and digestive organs to secrete digestive fluids, when tongue is coated or taste buds are blocked this communication system will not work properly which causes improper digestion of food which leads to formation and accumulation of toxins and ultimately causes various diseases😥.

👉 Tongue scrapping improves taste of food which prevents overeating and also habit of adding excess sugar, salt or spices to enhance taste of food .😋

👉When coating over tongue is not removed daily, then toxins over it are reabsorbed by body which will also cause diseases. 😥

👉 It activates mind, remove sluggishness and confusion. 😇

🤔What type of tongue scrapper should be used??

👉It should be curved and not with sharp edges.
✅It should be made of metals like silver, copper, brass, tin or stainless steel.

👉It should be done in morning empty stomach.
👉Scrap tongue 3-5 times from far back of tongue as possible to the front.

Why after so much efforts you are not loosing or gaining weight???

🌷 According to Ayurveda our body and everything around us is made up of 5 elements space,air,fire, water and earth,in which proportion these elements combine during conception decides type of body.
🌷So body constitutes (prakriti) is decided at the time of conception itself.

🌷Body prakriti cannot be changed under any circumstances.
🌷Due to prakriti we are different from one another.
🌷Have you ever wondered despite of having same anatomy and physiology of body some enjoy health and some suffer from disease, even in same family eating same food, living in same environment some are thin and someone is fat, this is due to difference in prakriti.

🌷Now a days in race of being perfect (parameters decided by companies and movies) in external appearance many people invest their time, energy and money on products or equipments,and when they fail to lose or gain weight as promised by companies they left with feeling of despair, cheated, self pity, self doubt and low confidence.

🌷Accept your prakriti and work towards managing it and to prevent diseases common to your nature by following specific diet and routine according to your constitution.

🌷Like if you are vata dominant person you are naturally lean and thin due dominance of air element , you are prone to dry, rough skin and hair, neurological disorders , joint pain , irregular appetite and digestion , so your focus should not be to gain weight as even after trying many things you were not able to gain weight and if gained somehow it will not stable you will lose it again, instead you should try to balance your vata by following vata balancing diet and lifestyle which helps you in leading healthy life with strong, stable body and mind .

🌷Likewise kapha person are bulky in build due to dominance of earth and water elements they are slow in action so there focus should not be to become lean and thin but to maintain weight through kapha dosha specific diet and lifestyle.

🌷Learn to live according to your body type instead of living in ignorance and chasing to become what you are not. It’s like elephant trying to turn into dear or dear wants to become elephant.

🌷Yes if you have lost or gained weight due to some medical conditions then you can try to get back your normal self.

🌷Don’t waste this precious life to fit in some clothes or to achieve some digits on weighing scale.

🌷Stop torturing yourself physically and mentally.

Sayamcharya-Ayurvedic evening routine.

🌻In Ayurveda time or Kal is very important whether it is age, season or time of day.

🌻When we follow things according to Kala, utilize time properly and stay in hormony with time we never fell prey to physical and mental diseases.

🌻In Ayurveda  dincharya or daily routine is described in great detail to protect overall health.

🌻Evening is known as sayam or sandhya in Sanskrit .

🌻Sandhya means junction as evening is junction of day and night, sayam means last part of day .

🌻Its exact time varies according to place and season.

🌻In a transition period where day is ending and night is starting.

🌻Transition period of day, season and age is very important as it is a time when we have to slowly adopt with the change of kala .

🌻There are few things which are contraindicated to do in evening time.

1. Food consumption – one should not consume food during evening time, food consumed during evening will not get digested properly and leads to diseases.

2. Avoid sexual activity- indulging in sexual activity in evening leads to fetal abnormalities.

3. Avoid sleeping- if one sleeps habitually in evening then he will loss health, wealth and intelligence.

4.Avoid study- studying in evening is said to cause loss of life energy a d it is not good for eyes .

5. Avoid walking long distance – walking long distance can cause fear and insecurity.

All of the above activities may aggravate vata dosha in body.

As the day ends vayu is already high in body due to exertion and by doing above mentioned activities it can disturb sleep and digestion.

🤔So what one should do in evening??

✅One should relax in evening.

✅Spend time with family and friends.

✅It’s a best time for prayers and meditation.

Is fever our enemy and it should be bring down anyhow??

🌱Fever is a condition when temperatures of body increase from its normal range due to various reasons.

🌱Mostly people get scared when fever appears but it is just a symptom of main problem .

✅Fever is produced due to body defense mechanism, it’s a  natural immune response of body. 

✅When the body comes in contact with any virus or bacteria and there are favorable conditions in your body, then it starts  effecting the  body and as a result defence  reaction starts in the body to fight against it, which results in fever. ️

✅An increase in the normal body temperature helps to increase the activity and number of WBCs. The production of antibodies increases as well as the increased temperature directly helps to kill the virus or bacteria or inhibit the growth of microbes as these micro-organisms can only tolerate a narrow range of temperatures and cannot thrive in high temperatures.

✅Actually fever is not your enemy but a friend who is fighting with your enemy for you.

🤔So one should not take antipyretic drugs??

👉It’s a general perception that  paracetamol is most safe drug and can be take by all in fever but it is not true.
Many people take this drug in even mild fever and to the worst to prevent fever. ☀️☀️

👉Pcm or other antipyretic artificially suppress fever.
👉They  prevent body to fight from microbes.
👉They prolong the illness. ☘️☘️
👉After effects of fever will stay for longer. ☘️☘️
👉They effects liver negatively.

👉There is no human trial of pcm to prove its efficiency in viral fever. 
It increases oxidative stress which effect negatively in healing. ☀️

👉In hurry to suppress fever we actually damaging body and prolong the disease

👉You can also understand this by an example like  if a thief entered in  your house and your dog started barking and instead of catching the  thief you started beating your own dog for barking .

👉It is also not that if you do not take anti-fever medicine then your fever will go beyond the uncontrollable level. The system of the body is very intelligent, it only raises the temperature according to the micro-organism. ✅

🤔What about Ayurvedic  medicines ??

👉Fever is not artificially reduced in Ayurveda.

👉Ayurvedic medicines help in reducing fever by removing the cause of fever , increase the body’s immunity and does not inhibit the battle of body against virus or bacteria .

👉Ayurvedic medicines work for fever by balancing the digestive fire, balancing the imbalanced doshas and removing toxins .

👉Ayurvedic medicines are rich in antioxidants so they  do not
effect adversely  on the body.

👉Along with treatment in Ayurveda, information is given about diet and lifestyle , due to which the patient recovers quickly and the side effects after fever are avoided.
👉Therefore, if the fever is not brought down artificially and the body is helped to fight the infection, it can kill the disease causing microbe itself.

👉Not fever but medicines given to reduce fever do more harm to the body.✅

🌺🌺 If there is fever then definitely take Ayurvedic treatment.🌺🌺

🤔Why health of environment is important for human health???

यत् ब्रह्मांडे तत् पिंडे

👉Human body is miniature representation of nature what is there in nature that is also present in human body in small form.👍🌱

👉What activities goes in nature similar functions also occurs in body.🌷

👉Like air, sun and moon govern nature similarly vata, Pitta and kapha govern body.🌀🌛🌞

👉Like every thing on earth is made of 5 elements human being is also made of 5 elements.🌏

👉Like universe originate, grow, sustain, get old and destroyed similarly human body also formed, grow, sustain, get old and died.👶🧒👨👴🌼

👉Like universe changes from satyug, tretayug, dwaparyug, kalyug and yugant human body also undergo changes from childhood, youth, adulthood, disease and to death.🌹

👉So there is deep relationship between nature and human body.🌻

👉If there is balance in nature, human body also stay in balance but when nature gets imbalanced due to various human activities it definitely effects human body present corona pandemic is its example.☀️

👉Following Ayurvedic principles are not only good for us but it is good for nature also as Ayurveda is very much nature centered. 🌱

👉Ayurveda suggest to follow nature and care for nature. 🌻🌱

👉Knowledge of the environment is used in Ayurveda for maintaining health, diagnosis and treatment of disease.🌺

👉 Today’s modern health care system is very advanced and developed but it is not in sync with nature. 🧐

👉We cannot be healthy until the pollution and exploitation of nature stops.🌱
👉We cannot stay healthy if our mother earth is sick. 🌏

🌻Adopt Ayurvedic way of living ,save earth and save human.👍🙏

🌼Rasala or shrikhand- tasty and healthy dessert for summers!!

✅Its reference is available in charak samhita and also in Mahabharat .👍
✅ Bheem prepared this desert for Shri krishna.🙏
✅It is ancient recipe used to relish on auspicious days.🌅

✅It is a great desert for spring and summer.🌸

✅It’s not only tasty but also good for health.👍

✅Today when in the name of dessert or for celebration we only think about cakes which is not at all good for health, try this ancient delicious recipe to make celebration actually happy and not a burden on health.🙄

✅Have this dessert in place of ice-cream.🙏

✅Readymade Shrikhand also available in market but they are not prepared by following proper procedures so they are not good for health.🌸🌸

👉It is sweet, creamy, heavy, unctuous and cold in nature.😋
👉It balances vata and pitta dosha.
👉It increases kapha dosha which is depleted in summer.🌻🌻
👉Summer and spring is best time to have it.☘️☘️☘️

What are the health benefits of shrikhand?? 🤔

🌷It is useful in vata pitta disorders.
🌷It is good for consumption for vata pitta body type person.
🌷 It is useful in bleeding disorders.
Bleeding is common in summer due to extreme heat.
🌷 It gives energy which is low in summer.
🌷It increases strength of body.
🌷It improves immunity.
🌷It is nutritive
🌷It relieves thirst and burning sensation
🌷 It is very effective in conditions of sinusitis, cold and rhinitis.
🌷 It act as appetizer.
🌷It is good for those with extremely dry skin.
🌷 It is useful for extremely thin and weak person.
🌷 It prevents dehydration.
🌷 It relieves lethargy in summer.
🌷 It is useful in treatment of Emaciation, numbness, muscular dystrophy and neuritis.

🌷It is aphrodisiac.
🌷 Curd consumption is suggested to avoid in summer but shrikhand can be consumed as it do not cause mucous formation.
🌷 It is for those who do heavy work.
🌷It is good for skin, make skin glowing and improve complexion.

😋How to make shrikhand??

🌼Ingredients required –
🌷Homemade curd , mishri, honey, ghee, nutmeg, tejpatra, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, dry ginger powder and clove.
🌷Saffron and dry fruits can also be added if you like.


  • Hung homemade curd in muslin cloth for 2-3 hours.
    Remove solid curd from cloth and whisk it for few minutes using whiskar
    Then add powered mishri, honey, ghee and other powdered spices.

Shrikhand is ready it can be eaten directly or with roti.

2-3 tablespoon

👉Avoid sour curd in making shrikhand .
👉Avoid its consumption in large quantity.
👉Avoid it in vasant ritu.
👉Diabetic person, obese and in asthmatic conditions it should be avoided.
👉 Avoid it in swelling.

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