Uses of Turmeric.

🌻Turmeric or Haldi is called haridra in Sanskrit means which cleanse skin and improve complexion.It is one of most widely researched Ayurvedic herb👌.It is inseparable part of Indian food🍲, it is considered as auspicious🙏 in Indian culture and used in religious ceremonies.

🌻Haldi is bitter and pungent in taste.
It is light to digest, rough, dry and hot.
Balance all 3 doshas. 👍

🌻Turmeric or Haldi benefits

👉Improve digestion , prevent gas formation when added in high protein food like pulses. It relieves constipation. 😅
👉Improve liver function. 👌
👉Remove toxins from body. 😎
👉Cure cough and cold, asthma, tonsillitis and allergic rhinitis🤧. Use its water to gargle, inhale its fumes by heating it directly on pan.
👉Blood purifier and blood thinner.
👉Remove blockage and improves blood circulation. 💓

👉Maintains cholesterol levels.
👉Improve immunity. 💪
👉Prevent seasonal disorders and infection.
👉Useful in anemia.
👉Useful in Swelling and pain. Apply it paste externally and consume it with milk. 🌹
👉Antioxidant, Anti bacterial, antiviral,anti fungal and antiseptic.
👉Best herb for diabetes and pre diabetic condition. Prevent complications of diabetes. 🍁
👉 Prevent UTI.
👉Prevent gallstone formation.
👉In Skin diseases it is used both internally and externally. It is useful in itching, allergy,wound, facial hair, acne and pimples. 💁‍♀️
👉Applying haldi paste after hair removal for 10-15 minutes then wash delay hair growth.
👉Made Face mask using Haldi+ Besan + Milk or curd. It improves complexion.
👉Neem+ Haldi paste apply on eczema, ringworm and itching. 🧚‍♂️
👉It regulates mensus, prevent pain during periods. Prevent uterine tumor. 👩
👉Fight and prevent cancer. 😀
👉Good for eyes, prevent cataract. 👉In last few weeks of pregnancy haldi milk helps in easy birth 🤰

🌻How to use Turmeric or Haldi?

🌱It should be used regularly in diet by adding in food.🍲
🌱Add pinch of Haldi in cup of milk🍶 or ghee take it in morning and night.
🌱Haldi + Honey+ Black Pepper – in winter and rainy season.
🌱Apply on skin .
🌱 Gargle, mixing it in water.
🌱Inhale it’s fumes in allergic rhinitis .

🌻Turmeric or Haldi Side Effects

🌷It is hot dry in nature that’s why Ayurveda suggest to use it always with ghee or in milk.
🌷Person with excessive body heat should not use it powder or tablets directly.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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