Saffron health benefits and uses.

Kesar ( saffron)

🌺Kesar is used in food all over the world for its flavour and colour , there are many health benefits of this one of the costliest spice which makes it essential ingredient in beauty product, food and medicines.

🌺It is also called Kumkum in ayurveda.

🌺 Kesar from Kashmir which is thin, reddish orange in colour and have fragrance like lotus is of best quality.
🌺 Pure kesar tastes bitter, when rub between fingers do not break and felt little oily in texture. When it is put in water it float and colours the water but do not lose its own colour.

🌺Ayuvedic properties of kesar

👉 It is katu(pungent) and tikta( bitter) in taste
👉 Slimy
👉 Hot potency
👉Balance all three doshas

🌺Part used

Dried stigma of flower

🌺Health benefits

👉It not only add colour and aroma to your food but it also improves appetite and digestion.

👉It is rich in antioxidants ,act as anti-aging, improve immunity and memory.😎

👉Saffron is helpful in asthma as it clear air ways,and reduce inflammation which helps in easy breathing.👌

👉It is extremely good for skin it😀 improves skin tone and complexion,it cleanse,hydrate, reduce oiliness, soften ,tone and disinfect skin.
Used in melasma, freckles, acne, pimples, blackheads and wounds. 🤗

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👉It is widely used in cosmetic is main ingredient of kumkumadi oil.

👉 It purifies blood.
👉 Good for eyes. 😍
👉 Saffron is cardiac tonic💓

👉Saffron is good for male reproductive system as it improves sperm count, help in treating premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc.

👉 It is good for female reproductive system also, useful in menstrual cycle related problems, during pregnancy and during post partum. 👌

👉 Used in worm infestation. 🐛

👉It should be use from second trimester of pregnancy as it helps to get rid of constipation,gas, nausea , morning sickness, acidity etc during pregnancy and helps in easy delivery. It should not be used in first trimester of pregnancy. 🤰

👉Useful in rheumatoid arthritis. 🦴

👉 Helpful in easy urine flow.

👉It has anti depressant action. 😇
👉 It Helps in good sleep. 😴

👉 It is rejuvenating. 😃

👉Anti cancer action.

How to use it?? 🤔

Add in desserts.
Add in milk,honey or ghee.
Apply externally.

🌺Do not use it in excess, 2-3 stigmas are enough for one person in a day.

Few Uses

✅Drinking saffron powder with milk treat – impotency, improves immunity and memory. 🌱

✅Apply saffron with milk or honey on face improve complexion, remove black heads, pimples,acne, freckles,dark circles around eyes and other skin problems. 🌻

✅In headache it’s paste can be applied over head. 🌷

✅ In migraine 2 drops of saffron mix ghee should be instilled in each nostrils.🌷

✅ Its used after delivery gives strength to uterus. 🌷

✅ Use it 3 days before periods with honey or ghee till the end of period to treat heavy bleeding, painful periods, premenstrual syndromes and mood swings during mensus.🌷

✅ Make thin paste of Kesar and rosewater, apply this in eyes to improve vision., 🌷

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