Uses of cinnamon.

🌿Cinnamon is commonly used in dishes to enhance there aroma and flavor. It is part of famous Indian spice mix garam masala.

🌿It is used in many Ayurvedic medicines specially in medicine for digestive and respiratory disorder.

🌿One of the most commonly used medicine for cough and cold sitopaladi powder contain cinnamon as one of it ingredient.

👉It is sweet, pungent and bitter in taste.
Light, dry and piercing.
Hot in potency.
Pacify kapha and vata.
In excess it increases pitta.

👉It has anti microbial, antispasmodic, antifungal and antioxidant property.

👉 It improves digestive strength by activating liver .

👉Useful in low appetite,loss of taste( rub on tongue mixing with honey) and in diarrhea. 👍

👉Useful in diabetes as it lower blood glucose level-take its kadha or add its powder in food. 👌

👉 Used in allergic rhinitis,cough,cold,flu as it has decongestant,expectorant and demulcent action( consume it by making paste with honey 2-3 times or boil it with ginger,clove, black pepper)🤧

👉 It maintains cholesterol level, improve blood circulation, improves wbc count, act as blood thinner and it is good for heart. ❤️

👉Relieve throat pain,cleanses throat and improve voice. 🎶

👉 It give strength to teeth and remove bad breath ( can chew for 5 minutes or rub on teeth ) that is why it is used in herbal tooth powder😁

👉 Relieve headache, headache due to sinus ( apply its paste on forehead for 2-3 minutes )🤯

👉Improve skin complexion ( apply by making paste with honey and lemon juice),cure acne , pimples ( apply mixing with lemon juice).😎

👉It has diuretic action so used in urine retention, painful urination and useful in UTI. 💁‍♂️

👉 Relieve menstrual pain, used in absence of period or in less bleeding but it should not used during periods and if someone has heavy period it should be avoided.💁‍♀️

👉It help in weight loss and in maintaining healthy weight. 😅

👉It’s oil is applied on insect bite use it by mixing in til or coconut oil as it is very strong and can burn skin. 👌

👉 In hairfall it can be apply on scalp by mixing in oil for 15 minutes then wash.😎

👉 Cinnamon tea ( boil it in water honey can be added after cooling down) is useful in insomnia. 😴

👉 It is applied on joint in arthritis pain and stiffness . 🦴

👉 Used in worm infestation. 🐛
👉 Useful in travel sickness 🤮- chew its small piece.

👉It is used for aroma therapy, its smell calm down brain useful in anxiety, fear, excessive thought, migraine and mood swings.

🌿Part used
Its stem bark,leaves and oil is used.

🌿How to use it?
✅It’s powder can be added in food ,salad,juice and fruits to reduce their kapha inducing property.

✅Powder dose 1-3 gm.

✅Its stick can be chew.

✅Oil (2-5 drops) can be used.

✅Cinnamon tea has all the above mentioned benefits. 🍵

✅Can applied externally but for 2-3 minutes. 👍

🌿Who should avoid it?

❌It is hot in potency so person with bleeding disorders, gastritis,ulcer, heavy period,pitta nature should use it with caution.
❌It can be be used in less quantity during pregnancy, lactation and for children.

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