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Abhyang or Massage – To improve immunity💪, to remain young and beautiful.

🌷 Abhyang or massage is part of ayurvedic daily routine.

🌷It should be done by everyone and everyday in all the season.👶🧑🧓

🌷Do self massage daily before having bath it takes only 15 minutes or minimum 5 minutes .

🌷Oil is called sneh (love) in Sanskrit so abhyang is like giving affection to self.💓

🌷Abhyang not only good for skin but it is beneficial for whole body system that’s why it is integral part of Ayurvedic treatment.👍

🌷It is useful in healthy as well as many disease conditions. 👌

Benefits of abhyang

🌻It strengthen bone, muscle,tendons and ligaments.

🌻It increase body strength and immunity.

🌻It prevents arthritis, spondylitis and other joint disorders.

🌻It lubricate joints, muscles becomes well toned and strong.

🌻It buit resistance to physical and mental stress.

🌻 This method transdermally nourishes body with minerals and nutrients depending on type of oil and herbs it contains.

🌻It improve skin quality and complexion. ☺️

🌻Remove toxins.

🌻Improves quality of sleep.

🌻Improve vision.

🌻Hair becomes soft,glossy and thick. 👩

🌻Prevent wrinkles.

🌻Relax body and mind.It’s a Stress buster 😇and gives mental clarity.

🌻Best anti aging.

How to do self Massage?

Take oil in any bowl warm it little ( in Summer heating not required) then sit or stand at comfortable place and start massage in following way

👉Scalp – Apply oil with finger tip in circular motion.
👉Forehead- Centre to outward with finger tips.
👉Face in circular motion in upward direction.
👉Neck front and back.
👉Chest and abdomen in clockwise direction.
👉Hand and legs – Long stokes in downward direction and on joints circular.
👉Back – Centre to outward.
👉In last massage foot.
👍Leave oil for 5-10 minutes then enjoy bath with lukewarm water.

Which Oil to use?

☘️Choose oil according to your prakriti ( body type).
☘️Sesame oil can be used by everyone.
☘️ In pain use mahanarayan oil and in stress use Brahmi oil.

Best time for Self Massage??

🌞In morning before bath. Foot massage at night.

When to avoid Massage?

🍁In Indigestion and illness.
🍁During mensus gentle massage is recommended.
🍁In pregnancy also self gentle massage can be done it prevent pain, stretch marks, itching and skin discoloration.

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