In which health problems Makhana ( fox nut) is useful and how to use it??

🌺Fox nut or Makhana is roasted and popped seeds of euryale ferox ,which grow in ponds.
🌺In India it is generally used during fast as it is a great source of nutrients and gives instant energy.
🌺It is rich in carbohydrate, protein and minerals like calcium,iron, phosphorus and zinc.

🍀 It is guru ( heavy to digest ) , Snigdha ( unctuousness) and sweet in taste.
🍀Cold in potency

☘️It balance vata and pitta, increase kapha

🌻Uses of fox nuts

🌷It increases strength, stamina and immunity. 💪

🌷 Due to absorbent nature it is used in diarrhoea and IBS , but it should be avoided in constipation and bloating.

🌷 it is good for heart💖, prevent heart diseases, gives strength to heart muscles, maintain proper rhythm of heart beats and relieves palpitations.

🌷 Good for liver. 👍

🌷Antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and anti-aging action.😎

🌷Improves fertility in both men and women, useful for those who want to conceive.👶

🌷 It improves sperm count and quality.

🌷It strengthen uterus muscles, prevent miscarriage.

🌷It improves strength after delivery.👍

🌷 Prevent heavy menstrual bleeding and pain.

🌷Used in leucorrhoea.

🌷Good for bones and teeth. 🦴

🌷 Due to vata pacifying action it is useful in insomnia , restlessness ,dry hair and dry skin. 😀
🌷 Prevent wrinkles.
🌷 Due to pitta pacifying property it is used in burning sensation🔥 ( gastritis, burning eyes etc) and bleeding disorders.

🌷It increase kapha so it should be avoided in increased kapha conditions.

🌷 It has antidiabetic action,it maintain blood sugar level, reduce insulin resistance,improve glycemic control and prevent diabetic complications. Great snack 😋for diabetic person as it also gives energy and relieves fatigue.

🌷 It improves lipid profile, lower blood pressure.👌

🌷 It helps in weight lose ,as it is high in fibres and gives feeling of fullness,but it should be consume in limited quantity.🤠

🌷 It is also helps in gaining weight by regular use, take 5 gm of its powder with milk twice daily.
🌷 Good for sport persons and gym goers.

How to use it?🤔

👉It can be consumed by roasting with ghee ( improves vata pacifying property).

👉Can be added in dishes. Kheer or raita can be made using this.

👉Roasted Makkhan can be a healthy replacement of chips for children. It can also be used in place processed breakfast cereals.😊
👉It’s powder can also be added in baby food.

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