Know why Black pepper is so precious that it was even used as currency to trade in ancient times!!!

🌻Black pepper is called Marich in sanskrit which is the synonym of sun🌞, as pepper is hot and piercing like sun, that’s where it gets the name from and another meaning of Marich is which kills ( worms)🐛.It is one of the most widely used spice in whole world🌏, so rightly known as king of spices👑.

🌻It is used in many ayurvedic formultion not only for its health benefits but for its very important property of transporting🚚 active ingredients of other herbs to the target organ. 👌😀

🌻Ayurvedic properties of kalimirch

🌱It is katu ( pungent) in taste.
🌱It is laghu( light to digest), teekshna( piercing)
🌱It balance kapha and vata dosha in body. It increases pitta dosha if taken in large amount.
🌱It is hot in potency but not very hot.

🌻Black Pepper or Marich benefits

👉Improves flavour of food, increases appetite and improves digestion.

👉 It relieves bloating and abdominal pain.

👉 It is extremely useful in respiratory disorders like cough,cold, asthma, congestion and sinusitis.

👉Good for heart and kidney.

👉Protects liver and improves its function.

👉Increases sweating so it helps in toxin removal.

👉Used in recurrent fever.

👉In obesity treatment black pepper is widely used as it blocks fat cell formation, improve metabolism and stimulate various organs. 😎

👉It is anti bacterial,anti fungal, anti tumor and anti-inflammatory in nature.
👉 In depression it is used along with other herbs. It improves brain function.

👉It is used in management of hyperthyroidism.

👉 Pepper helps in inducing periods in amenorrhea patients.

👉It should be used by new mother’s as it protect them from infection, cough, cold and other vattic disorders.

👉It’s paste improves blood circulation and relieves pain when applied locally.

👉It’s oil used in leucoderma, eczema, itching and other skin problems.

🌻How to use Black Pepper or Marich?🤔

🌷It can be taken directly by mixing its powder in honey or ghee. Add it in soup, fruit juices, salad and in sabji.

🌷 Better to buy whole black pepper and crush them before use instead of purchasing its powder .
🌷Use it water for gargle in case of toothache or white coating over tongue.

🌻Who should avoid black pepper?

❌People with acidity, burning sensation should use it carefully. ❌Men with infertility issue should avoid it.
❌Avoid its excessive use

🌻In what quantity it is safe for use on daily basis??
1-2 grams.

😀Interesting fact- it was so popular and valuable in ancient times that it was even used as currency for trade.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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