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Everything about PADABHYANG ( foot massage )

Massaging foot with ghee or oil is Padabhyang. It should be part of daily routine.


👉Relieves roughness and dryness of foot. Cure cracked heels. 👣
👉Makes legs strong and stable, good for those who stands continously for many hours and who are in sports⛹️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️.
👉Relieve tiredness.
👉Calm body and mind, helps in sound sleep,quality of sleep improves.
👉Prevent sciatica.
👉Blood vessels and nerves of legs never constrict with regular foot massage.
👉Good for eyes, improves vision, useful in dry eyes. 🤓
👉Good for diabetic person, relieves burning sensation in foot and helps in preventing diabetic nephropathy and retinopathy.

👉Good for hyperactive kids🧒.

👉 Useful in Indigestion due to less sleep.

When to do it ??
🌼Before bath in morning🌞 and before sleep at night🌛 on daily basis by all age groups. 👶👨‍🦱👴

For how much time ?
5-10 minutes on each foot. ⏱️

What to use for massage ?
🌻In healthy condition – til oil or cow ghee. 👍
🌻If there is pain, stiffness – til oil, mahanarayana oil or ksheerabala oil.
🌻Burning sensation – cow ghee.

When not to do it??
During fever, cough, cold and Indigestion.

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