Know why Bitter taste food should be part of your daily diet.

🌷According to ayurveda balanced diet is one which is combination of 6 rasa which are sweet, sour, salt, bitter, astringent and pungent.

🌷Eating only one or two tastes may cause health issues.
🌷Having food of all 6 tastes preserve health and cure diseases.
🌷 Each taste has particular benefits.
🌷Many diseases can only cured by increasing or decreasing the consumption of particular rasa.

How to know taste?? 🤔
First impact or impression of any food on tongue👅 is there taste or rasa. Taste is not just flavor but it has lot more significance.

What is bitter taste?? 🧐
☘️Everything is made up of 5 elements (water, earth, fire, air and space), these 5 elements combine in different proportion to form particular rasa, when air and space elements 🌀are dominant it forms bitter or tikta rasa.
🌷Bitter taste is light, dry and cold in nature it pacify kapha and pitta dosha and increase vata.

What are the benefits of bitter taste??🤔
👉 It improves taste😋 in food during and after illness. Treat anorexia,acidity and distention of abdomen. It gives satisfaction and prevents overeating.
👉Clean oral cavity and throat. 😃
👉 Useful in worm infestation in kids. 🐛
👉 Prevent recurring infections.
👉 Remove toxins from body.🤗
👉 Detoxify liver, skin and blood. 😎
👉Cure skin related problems.
👉Helps in weight loss😃 and maintaining cholesterol levels.
👉 Prevent excessive thirst,burning sensation🥵, sweating and frequent urination .
👉During and after fever.
👉Useful when body temperature is always high.
👉 Useful in pcod, hypothyroidism,fibroid, diabetes, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.
👉 It is good for brain😇, improves intelligence, concentration, memory and attentiveness. Elevate mood.
👉 It improves quantity and quality of breast milk. 🤱
👉Heal wound and reduce pus formation.
👉 Remove blockage, inflammation
👉 Improves strength and immunity of body.

Is there any side effects of bitter taste??🤔
☘️It should be used in less amount,
If taken in excess it can cause vata imbalance, causes excessive weight loss, weakness, fainting, depletes body tissues,causes dryness and roughness of skin.
☘️It’s excessive amount is not good for heart, blood, bones and reproductive system.
☘️Very lean people should not consume it in excess.
☘️many people drink karela juice or bitter juices regularly it is not a healthy habit for all.

What are the things which are bitter taste😋??
🌿Neem, bitter gourd, turmeric, amahaldi, alovera, coriander, giloy, eggplant🍆,garlic, chandan, khas, long pepper and food cooked in iron vessel as iron is also bitter in taste.

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