Draksha( Raisin) is best fruit among all as per ayurveda!!

🌹Children, young or old all like raisins, this sweet and small wonder are dried and shrunken grapes.

🌹According to ayurveda it is best fruit among all .

🌹From ancient time its benefits are known to Indians that is why it used to be part of regular diet.

🌹It is used in many ayurvedic medicines as well .

🌼 Ayurvedic Properties of raisin

👍 It is sweet in taste.

👍 Cold in potency.

👍 Guru ( heavy) to digest

👍 Pacify vata and pitta ( sweet variety of raisins not sour one), aggravates kapha

🌼Health benefits

👉 Draksha improves appetite😋

👉 Helps in easy bowel movement , relieves constipation, gastritis and piles. 👌

👉 Helpful in mouth blister, bitter taste of mouth and dry mouth. 😀

👉It relieves excessive thirst. 🥵

👉Useful in nausea and vomiting. 🤮

👉 Useful in liver disorders. ✅

👉 It strengthen heart muscles.💓

👉Good for skin,detoxify skin,cure skin dryness,prevent wrinkles, treat burning sensation of skin and skin allergies.😎

👉 Useful in fever.🤒

👉It is used in respiratory disorders like cough, cold🤧,asthma, short breathness etc . It improves respiratory immunity👌. It is one of the main component of Ayurvedic medicines for respiratory problems.

👉 Useful in general weakness🙁, tiredness, improve immunity and provide nourishment.😀

👉 It is rich in iron and improves hemoglobin level.

👉Raisin is medhya,act as brain🧠 tonic, improve memory and calms mind. 😇

👉 It is good for eyes.👀

👉Relieves hangover due to excessive alcohol, it is good for regular alcoholic as it reduces the effect of alcohol .🥴

👉Draksha is good for throat, soothes throat, relieves hoarse voice and improves voice.🎵🎶

👉Useful in urinary problems as it promotes urine outflow.

👉Improve fertility in both men and women.

👉Good for children, it improves their weight and also relieves constipation in children. 🧒
👉 Best for excessive heat related problems like bleeding disorders, burning sensation, anger, thirst and ulcers.
👉Best for age related pain in joints, constipation, physical and mental weakness. 🧓👴

🤔How to use draksha?

👉Can be consumed directly.
👉It can be added in sweet dishes like kheer ,halwa etc.

👉It can be soaked overnight and consumed next morning empty stomach.
👉 15-20 raisins can be taken in a day.

☘️It is high in glycemic index ,so should be consumed in moderation, using it with cinnamon and cardamom helps in reducing glycemic index.
☘️Use dark coloured raisins.

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