Ragi best food for children.

😊Ragi is one of the ancient cereal which is packed with nutrition,it is used in south India mostly.
😊Ragi doesn’t need polish or any processing before use thus it is used in its purest , natural form with all its nutrients intact.

💐Properties of ragi

👉Ragi is sweet in taste.
👉It is hot in potency.
👉Dry and light to digest.
👉 It balance kapha.
👉 Increase vata and pitta if consumed in excess.
👉It is alkaline in nature

💐Health benefits

☘️Ragi is a great protein source, compared to wheat or rice it contain more protein which makes it a better option for vegetarians for daily consumption.🌹

☘️Good for digestion ragi helps in proper digestion, improve bowel movement and prevent constipation. 🌻

☘️Ragi contains many minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron etc . 🌸

☘️With regular use of ragi there is no need of taking iron or calcium supplements.🌹

☘️ Gluten free -those who are allergic to gluten, ragi is good option🏵️

☘️Good for bone🦴- as it is rich in calcium, it improves bone density, prevent risk of fracture, helps in faster recovery from fracture and prevents osteoporosis.

☘️Good for heart💖 ragi lower cholesterol levels, maintain blood pressure and prevent heart diseases with regular use. 👌

☘️ Good for weight lose ragi is low in fat, high in dietary fibre which gives feeling of fullness and prevent excess consumption of food.👍

☘️ Useful in anemia as it improves hemoglobin levels. 😀

☘️Anti-aging ragi is rich in antioxidants thus helps in delaying aging effects. 😍

☘️Good for skin ragi has vitamin E,prevents wrinkles,fine line , protect skin and maintain its moisture😎

☘️Antimicrobial activity. Prevent infections. 🤗

☘️Good for diabetes ragi control blood sugar level,it is low in glycemic index and helps in quick wound healing.🤩

☘️Best food for babies 👶 as it is easy to digest and helps in growth of baby. Infact ragi can be consumed from 0 to 90 years of age , suitable for all age group.🙏

☘️Natural relaxant ragi promotes mental peace😇, helps in fighting anxiety, depression, migraine and insomnia.

🤔 How to use ragi?

✅ It is best to use ragi’s whole grain, soak them overnight then sprouted them then dry them in sun then make powder of this grain. Sprouted ragi developed vitamin C which helps in better absorption of iron from it.

✅ Ragi flour can be mixed in wheat flour to make chapati which makes it easy to use ragi on daily basis.

✅ Dosa, porridge, pudding,cake etc can be made with ragi.

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