Must follow rules regarding curd consumption to prevent many diseases .

☘️Contrary to general belief curd is hot🔥 in potency thus ayurveda suggest to use it in winter and rainy season and avoid it in hot season.

☘️Curd is sour in taste and heavy to digest but it takes less time to digest than milk so those who cannot digest milk, curd is better option.
☘️ Curd is good source of protein,B complex, calcium,folic acid, potassium and phosphorus.
☘️ It pacify vata Dosha but increase kapha and pitta.
☘️Although curd is very beneficial for health but ayurveda suggest some rules regarding its uses which must be followed to get its benefits and to avoid its harmful effects .

🌻Benefits of curd

👉Intake of curd build fat, increase strength💪, increase digestive fire🔥 useful in general weakness.It had Probiotic action,
👉It is good in diarrhoea .
👉It stimulates bladder , help in easy urination
👉Curd with sugar gives instant energy .
👉 It stimulate taste bud hence work as appetizer
👉In condition like running nose🤧 it should be taken wisely with spices.
👉It is Good for bones.
👉It can be applied on scalp to cure dandruff.
👉It can be applied on face mixing with besan to clean skin and open pores.

🌻Rules regarding its uses

👉Never heat it or have it with hot food( like hot paratha).
👉Never use it in Night.🌌
👉It should be strictly avoid in vasant (March to may) , sharad(October) and grishma (may to start of rain) in short in hot climate. During hot seasons buttermilk should be use .
👉It is best to use it in winter and rainy season.
👉It should not consume daily .
👉Never have curd which is not well set.
👉Never take it alone always take it along with honey/ sugar/ amla powder /moong or rock salt.

👉Avoid it with fruits.

☘️If above rules neglected frequently then it leads to fever ,skin disease , bleeding disorders, hypertension etc.
☘️Use only homemade curd.

How to make curd at home?❓

😊Curd can be easily made at home by adding little curd to warm milk and leave to set for 5-6 hours in hot climate it take less time whereas in cold it takes more time.Use glass or clay utensil to set curd. Never store it in copper vessel.

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    1. Following other rules like not consuming it daily, at night, using freshly set curd and adding black pepper and jaggery will not cause cough and cold, one have to decide according to his body type like person with kapha dominant should avoid it in winters also.

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