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Brinjal – In which condition it is beneficial and when to avoid it??

👑Brinjal is Known as King of vegetables , some like it and some absolutely hate it.

🍆It is suggested to include in diet in some health conditions and in some it is advised to avoid.

🌿Ayurvedic Properties of 🍆

👉It is sweet in taste.
👉Hot in potency.
👉Light to digest.
👉Balance vata and kapha, increase pitta.

🌿There are many varieties of 🍆 with different shapes and sizes.
🍀Small size eggplants are better in comparison to big variety.
🍀White variety is low in quality.

🌿Health benefits of 🍆
It is low in calories, contains good amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins ( K, C, E).

✅ It improves digestive fire and appetite.
Improve interest and taste in food.

✅Hridhya- Good for heart.

✅ Cure and prevent Worm infestation.

✅ Good to use in Diabetes.

✅ Helps in Weight loss.

✅Improves quality of voice.

✅Increases sperm quality and quantity.
✅Include it in diet in fever, cough, asthma, high cholesterol, fatty liver and piles.
✅It should be used by women in case of less flow or late periods.

✅Rheumatoid arthritis – eat eggplant cooked with castor oil.

When to avoid it?? 🧐

🌻Avoid in skin diseases like itching, eczema, dermatitis etc.

🌻 Avoid it in Kidney stones and gall bladder stone.
🌻Avoid it with milk and curd.
🌻Avoid its too much consumption.

How to use it??? 🤔🤔
👉Bake, roast or grill it.
👉 Sabji or bharta can be made.
👉To balance vata cook it with ghee and Asafoetida

⁉️Why it should not be consumed in excess??? 🤔
It comes under rajasic food category its excessive consumption can cause circulatory and nervous system disorders like anxiety, stress, over excitement and disturbed sleep. It can be eaten once in a week.

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