What causes excessive passing of gas and its Ayurvedic solution.

🌿Formation and passing of gas💨 is normal physiological process of body but when its forming and passing frequency increases📈 ,it smells foul 😖and causes discomfort then
it requires intervention.

🌿Flatulence is natural urge👍 in which body throw out excess of gases formed during digestion in stomach and intestine out of body, it is natural and it is not a thing to laugh on.
🌿Like we sneeze, yawn, cough, pass urine, pass stool, passing gas is also body mechanism to protect itself and to expel waste. 🌺
🌿No one makes fun if someone sneeze but if someone passes gas people laughs🤭 and make other person embarrassed😞 which forces them to hold gas which is very dangerous if done habitually.
🌿There is no one who don’t pass gas so never make fun out of anyone❌, even if someone passing gas excessively you should understand he is suffering from digestive disorder.

🌿Causes 💨
👉Eating heavy food, eating without digestion of previous meal, having dry food, raw vegetables and uncooked sprouts. 🥗
👉Food like rajma, chole, Chana daal, yellow pea, onion, garlic, radish, sweet potatoes,corn, potatoes, cauliflower,broccoli, beans, cabbage, Wheat, oats,besan, maida, noodles, fermentated food and soda naturally form more gases.
👉Having Incompatible food.
👉Stress and depression.
👉Alcohol and smoking
👉Excessive tea, coffee or cold drink
👉Engulfing excess air while eating ( eating too slow or too fast), drink water keeping mouth up.
👉Due to some allopathic medications.
👉Due Acidity and ulcer.
👉Holding natural urges.
👉Irregular and sedentary lifestyle.

🤔Should fart be holded?? 💨

No never ❌as by doing so air moves upward cause painful distention of abdomen , by habitually doing so it pressures other organs like heart and lungs hampers their function which leads to other severe health issues😮.

🙄What to do ??
👉Do not ignore this problem. ✅
👉Consult ayurvedic doctor as soon as possible.
👉In starting with some diet and lifestyle modifications it can easily be cured but in chronic cases medication is required.
👉Ayurvedic therapies like basti and Virechan are very beneficial.
👉Avoid causative factors.
👉Include ghee, ginger, sauth, hing, methidana, cumin, ajwain, fennel, , lemon, imli in diet. ✅
👉Eat warm, cooked and fresh food.
👉Avoid heavy to digest, spicy, bitter, sweets, overcooked and fried food. ❌
👉Sip water or buttermilk in between meal. ✅
👉Fasting once in a week. ✅
👉Follow ayurvedic daily routine and seasonal regimen.
👉Put oil in nabhi,regular oil massage before bath and at night.✅
👉Yoga – pawanmuktasna, malasana, naukasan, ardh matsyendra asan, pashchimottan asan, halasn, sarvang asan and anulom vilom. 🧘‍♀️

🌿Home remedies

🌻Have Buttermilk + harad+rock salt+ sauth once or twice a day.
🌻Take 1/4 tablespoon Harad powder roasted in ghee before food.
🌻 Take Sauth + salt+ methidana before food
🌻Ginger+rock salt before food.
🌻 Fill naval pit with warm ghee+ hing.
🌻 Chew betel leaf(paan) with clove and cardamom after food
🌻 Drink water boiled with cumin seeds.
🌻Drink cardamom, fennel and methidana water.

In ayurveda there is very effective medicines for flatulence , consult ayurvedic doctor for that.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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