Everything you should know about Banana ( kela or kadli).

🌷Another name of kadli in sanskrit is amrit(netor) which shows its importance.

🌷Banana is one such plant whose all the parts are useful.

🌷It ripen fruit is most common, affordable, easily available and tasty fruit.
🌷There are many varieties of banana which differ in shapes, sizes and colour.

🌷 Small variety of banana which have aroma is more beneficial than long banana.

🌷 Regular consumption of banana fruit is not recommended by ayurveda as it is heavy to digest and clog body channels.

🌷Other than its fruit, it’s raw fruit, stem and inflorescence are used as vegetables. It’s leaves are used to serve food on them.

🌷Banana plant is even worshipped in our country as it only gives and demand nothing in return.

🌷Banana ripped fruit is sweet and astringent in taste
Heavy to digest and unctuous.
It pacify vata and pitta dosha, it increases kapha dosha.
It is cold in nature.

Benefits of banana

✅It is good for those with strong digestive fire or feel hungry all the time. It pacify both excessive hunger and thirst.

✅It should be consumed in general weakness as it gives instant energy.

✅It is good in pitta disorders like 👉gastritis
👉 burning sensation in body, palm and feet,
👉excessive heat in body,
👉excessive sweating,
👉excessive anger and
👉in bleeding disorders like bleeding from nose, anus or heavy periods.

✅It is useful in vata disorders like 👉weakness,
👉Dry cough
👉muscle wasting,
👉 muscular dystrophy,
👉excessive thoughts

✅It purifies blood.

✅It is good for hair growth.

✅Banana is must for those who do heavy exercises and want to build body.

✅It acts as a brain tonic, helpful in stress, irritation and anxiety.

✅It relieves worms infestation.

✅It is good for diabetic person who are losing weight.

✅It should be eaten by person with high blood pressure.

✅It’s stem juice is a great remedy for kidney stones and burning urine.

✅It’s flower is useful in hyperacidity.

✅Raw banana is dominant in astringent taste, it is useful in loose motions, IBS, acidity and bloating. It is better to use ghee to cook it.

✅Dandruff and dermatitis – Apply it leaf juice.

✅Dry skin, dry hair – apply its ripen fruit paste.

✅It is used in many gynecological issues like leucorrhoea, excessive bleeding, prolapse and weak uterus.
✅ It improves quality and quantity to sperm.

🤔Is banana milkshake is good for health??

🌻No, as per ayurveda both banana and milk are heavy to digest both of them digestive fire to slow down so there combination should be avoided. ❌

🧐And Banana with curd??

This combination should also be avoided.❌

When to avoid it??

👉During cough, cold, asthma, congestion and during low digestive strength.
👉 Avoid water immediately after banana.

❓When to have it??

🌺Avoid it in kapha time(6am to 10am and 6pm to 10 pm).
🌺Person with strong digestion can have it any time.

🤔Why small variety of banana are good and not large one?

Small variety of banana do not clog body channels but large variety of banana which are available everywhere now a days should be avoided by all means as they are heavy to digest, cold and block body channels. Regular consumption of banana dampen digestive fire which is responsible for all the diseases.

Note- if there is Indigestion due to excessive consumption of banana then have ghee and Saunth.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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