Why sweating is important for health?? What to do in excessive or less sweating??

👉Sweat is one of waste product of body, body remove toxins through it, unlike other wastes of body which are stool and urine where body gives single and we have to attend those reflexes to excreat them, sweating is a spontaneous process.😅

👉Swed is considered as metabolic waste product of fat tissues, it is dominant in water and fire elements. 💦

👉Normal sweating helps in keeping skin moist, soft and smooth. It helps in removing toxins from the body, maintain water balance and also helps in maintaining body temperature.👍😊

👉In Ayurveda sweating is used as treatment therapy in many disorders and it is part of Panchkarma procedures.

👉Staying continously in air-conditioned room we suppress and disturb sweating process results in accumulation of toxins in body, clogging of body channels and disturb body capacity to acclimatize.
👉Sweating is must for normal functioning of body.

👉But when it increase or decrease it causes discomfort and leads to other disorders.

👉Causes of excessive sweating –

🌺Sweating increase when pitta is high like pitta body type person sweat more and in pitta disorders.

🌺Eating spicy, hot food and having alcohol.
🌺Excessive exercise.
🌺In stress , fear, grief and anger.
🌺In some diseases like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, obesity and perimenopause.
👉Symptoms of excessive sweating are foul smell from body, itching, sweating profusely from whole body or from feet, palm or underarms.
🤔 What to do to control excessive sweating?
👉Take cold water bath add rose water in bathing water.

👉Apply paste of chandan and other herbs.
👉Wear pearl
👉Do pranayama
👉Stay in moonlight
👉Drink coriander water or Chandan, khas and amla water.
👉Avoid dark colour clothes.
👉 Include Amla, raisin, gulkand, cardamom, mulethi, khas and coriander in diet.
👉Avoid points mentioned under causes.
👉If it is caused due to some disease then take treatment for that.

🌻When sweating reduces it causes dry, scaly skin, rough skin, burning sensation and hair fall.
👉Vata and kapha body type generally sweat less.

🤔What to do in reduced sweating??
👉Do regular Oil massage before bath , do regular excercise.
Take Steam treatment from ayurvedic hospital or clinic.
Take Ayurvedic oral medication after consultation with vaidhya.

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