Acidity or heartburn – it’s symptoms, causes and remedies to cure it.

👉Acidity might seem like a simple digestive issue which can easily be controlled by widely advertised antacids .

👉But when this problem persists continously for long time and one has to take antacids on daily basis then it should be taken seriously

👉If it is ignored for long it can be reason of other health issues like ulcer, premature greying of hair, hair fall, eye problem, skin problems, anxiety,infertility heart arrhythmia and many other health issues.


👉Incompatible food like milk with salty food, curd at night etc.
👉Taking polluted and packaged food.

👉Excessive intake of salty, sour, acidic, hot and dry food.

👉Excessive use of Tomato sauce, vinegar, pickles, garlic, onion and chocolate.
👉Less or excessive use of water.
👉Alcohol, smoking, tobacco.
👉Regular use of soda, antacids, painkillers.
👉Eating without digestion of previous meal.
👉Sleeping immediately after food.
👉Staying up late night.
👉Wearing tight fitting clothes.
👉Anxiety and stress.
👉Anger, jealousy and dissatisfaction in every situation .

🙄Above diet and lifestyle increases pitta dosha,which deplete digestive agni like hot water extinguish fire quickly.


🥵Burning is chest, throat or stomach after eating food.
😵Indigestion, gas and fatigue.
🤢Sour or acid belching.
🤢Mouth tastes bitter or sour.
🤮Nausea, vomiting.
🤯Headaches and dizziness.
🥺Mouth ulcer.
🔥Burning sensation.
😳Backache and numbness.

🌷Diet and lifestyle

✅Avoid points mentioned under causes.
✅Eat slowly and eat on fix time daily.
✅Include bitter taste things in diet like karela, methidana, alovera, neem and food cooked in iron vessel.
✅ Barley, wheat, moong dal, old rice,Mishri and sabudana.
✅Drumstick, banana flower, coriander, Ash gourd, bottle gourd, cucumber, parwal and neem.
✅Clove, tulsi, alovera, amla, cardamom, chandan, khas, giloy and harad.
✅Banana, apple, pomegranate, melons, coconut, grapes and lemon.
✅Raisins, dates.
✅Milk, buttermilk, white butter and ghee.
✅Honey, gulkand, amla murrabba or amla candy.
✅Maintain weight.
✅Regular exercise.

❌Things to Avoid 👇

❎Urad dal, kulathi, til, Curd
Vinegar, mustard, black pepper, chilly, tomatoes and sour fruits.
❎Fast food, spicy and oily food
❎Raw vegetables as salad and uncooked sprouts.
❎Cheese and butter.

❎Avoid working in intense heat or sun.

🌷Few Ayurvedic tips.

🌱Drink only boiled and then cooled down water.
🍀 Take pinch of Shunthi mix with water and lemon juice after food.
🌱 Take amla powder after food.
🌱Take Shunthi with amla powder after food.
🌳Chew Giner and salt before food.
🌱Have Ajwain roasted in ghee after food.
🌳Chew Fennel seed after eating food.
🌱Take Giloy powder with ghee.
🌿Drink Jeera water whole day.
🌻Triphala kwath with honey.

🌻Soak 2 cloves overnight drink this water empty stomach .
🌿Soak coriander and fennel powder overnight drink water empty stomach.
🌿 Have Mulethi kada before food.

👉Take ayurvedic treatment as ayurvedic oral medication and therapies like vaman cure the problem from root.

🤔Why to avoid antacid on regular basis ?
👉It disturb ph of stomach acid with regular use which will effect digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.
👉Causes indigestion, loose motion, constipation, gas, heart problem, high blood pressure,depression, anxiety and chances of infections also increases.

👉Acidity should be treated from root cause at earliest to prevent its long term complications.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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