Follow Ayurvedic Rules of eating food for good health.

Follow Ayurvedic Rules of eating food for good digestion, which is base of good immunity. Eating food is very sacred thing it is said to be like yagna🔥in which offering is made to digestive fire.

🌷Eat food with moisture or little oiliness ( ghee,oil) avoid dry food.
🌷Eat warm, fresh and properly cooked food. 🍛
🌷Eat only when feel hungry. 😋
🌷Chew food properly. 👍
🌷Do not eat in hurry or very slow.
🌷Do not overeat or under eat both are harmful.
🌷Stop eating before full stomach. eat heavy food half of satiation and light food just upto satiation .
Ayurveda says 2 part of stomach should fill with sold 1part with liquid and 1 part kept vacant.
🌷Eat food with full attention for that there was system of prayer before eat. No tv ,mobile📵 while eating .
🌷Avoid cold beverages with food or immediately after food a.
🌷Include 6 taste in meal ( sweet,sour,salt, pungent, astringent,bitter).Sometimes it not possible to have all the 6taste in food so you can have different chutneys along with food to bring in the missing tastes and complete the balancing properties.

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🌷Avoid eating when feel sad ,depressed ,anger, avoid🤐 negative thoughts or talk while eating.
🌷Eat food at comfortable place, preferably sit on floor in sukhasna .
🌷Sip water in between meal ,no water 15 minutes before and after food.
🌷Food that can be taken regularly – wheat,rice,ghee, Jaggery,milk🍶,honey🍯, pomegranate,parwal, saindhav namak,amla,moong dal and dry grapes. 🍇
🌷Food Items that should not❌ consumed habitually- curd, dairy sweet product, fermented food,urad dal, sprouts and dried vegetables.
🌷No curd in night ,can have buttermilk.✅
🌷No heavy food in night.
🌷Avoid processed food, anything that comes ready made in packet.
🌷Eat seasonal and local fruit or vegetables only .
👉After heavy food drink warm water.
🌱 have ginger+ rock salt+ lemon juice just before meal to improve digestion.
👉Walk 100 steps after each meal,avoid sleeping immediately.
Breakfast – between 8am to 9am.
Lunch- between 12 to 1pm.
Dinner – ideally between 6-7 pm or before 8 pm.
👉If first meal is not digested skip second meal.
👉Eat at fix time.
👉Avoid heavy work immediately after meal.

👉 Never criticize food, eat with gratitude. 🙏

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I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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