Melasma – it’s causes and remedies to cure it.

🌷Hyperpigmentation, age spots or liver spot are common name of melasma it is a condition where painless 🌼brown patch appear on facial skin it may form on cheeks, forehead,chin,nose, upper lip or sometimes on other parts of body .

🌷 It is mostly seen in women👩 of child bearing age according to modern science when production and deposition of melanin pigment which gives colour to skin increased📈 these dark patches appear on skin😳 it may caused due hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, menopause or if someone taking hormonal treatment like oral contraceptives and HRT.
🌼Melasma can also caused by endocrine disorders, liver disorders, gastrointestinal problems, overuse of harsh cosmetics and in some cases genetics also play a role.

🌱In ayurveda it is called vyanga ,pitta or vata- pitta imbalance causes vyanga.
🌞Factors which leads to aggravation of pitta and vata are responsible for vyanga are
👉 Spicy food, wrong combination food, excessive salt🧂,sour and pungent food
👉 Suppression of urge to vomit 👉exposure to strong sun or extreme heat.
👉Excessive facial activities , 👉daytime sleep.
👉 Enger, anxiety,fear etc


Vyanga is not a physically painful condition but it effect negatively on self confidence 🙄that is why it is more than mere cosmetic problem.
🌱Ayurveda offers number of oral medicines, therapies,lepas and oil to treat melasma, unlike other system of treatment where dark patches reappear as soon as medicine is stopped ayurveda provide permanent solution.
🌱 Firstly it is important to know the reason and aggravated dosha then treatment is given accordingly.

👉Panchkarma procedures helps in removing toxins from body, which ultimately helps in curing melasma
👉Consult ayurvedic doctor for proper treatment.

🌷Here are few lepas ( face pack) which can be use at home

🌼 Apply manjishta powder with milk.

🌼Mix alovera gel and neem leaves paste apply it for 15 minutes then wash.

🌼Apply turmeric and alovera gel.

🌼Apply ghee and turmeric mix for 30 minutes.

🌼Mix lodhra powder, manjishta powder , turmeric and milk apply this for 15 minutes then wash with warm water

🌼Apply kumkumadi oil and turmeric locally , you can leave this for overnight on face.

🌼Apply powder of orange peel mix with milk on face for 15 minutes.

🌼Apply masoor daal powder mix with turmeric and milk.

👉🙂 Remember skin is reflection of your inner health both physical and mental well being so it is important to pay attention not only on physical treatment but also on emotional wellbeing.😇

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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