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Leucorrhoea (vaginal white discharge) – cause, symptoms and remedies.

☘️Leucorrhoea is a medical term for vaginal white discharge it is a condition where excessive,thick ,white or yellowish discharge occurs from vagina.

☘️In ayurveda it is called shwet pradar .

☘️ Normally vaginal glands secrets fluid to keep vagina moist and to prevent infection but when this fluid is produced in excess it indicates problem.

☘️Many women think it is normal or natural and ignore this problem.

☘️But for good overall health this problem should not be ignored.

What causes white discharge??

✅Indigestion and eating incompatible food.

✅Alcohol consumption.

✅ Repeated abortion.

✅Riding vehicles.

✅Weakness and anemia.

✅Long walk, exertion and weight lifting.

✅Stress and grief.

✅ Sedentary lifestyle and daytime sleep.

✅ Unhygienic condition.

✅ Infection and STD.

What are the symptoms??

👉Excessive vaginal discharge

👉White or yellow in colour

👉 With or without foul smell
👉Itching, burning sensation and burning urine.

👉 Bodyach and backache.

👉 Hair fall.

👉Pain and cramps in calf muscle.

👉 Tiredness.

👉 Irrigation,anger and mood swings.


☘️In ayurveda two types of treatment is followed for leucorrhoea

  1. Nourishing ( bhringan)- to improve general health and immunity.
  2. Blocking ( stambhan) – to stop excessive discharge

✅Medicine given to improve digestive fire as with proper digestion toxins are removed from body.

✅Single herbs like lodra, aloevera,shatavari, yashtimadhu etc are helpful.

Things to follow –

✅Include milk and cow ghee in diet.

✅ Dates, Amla,green moong and spinach should be consumed.

✅ Avoid alcohol, excess of tea or coffee, spicy food,dry,junk food,curd and pickles.

✅ Night awakening should be avoided.

✅Excessive riding of vehicles should be avoided .

✅ Proper hygiene should be maintain.

✅ Do not use intimate wash regularly.

✅ Use cotton underwear and while washing it proper care should be taken to remove all the washing powder from it.

Few home remedies –

👉Have Amla powder or juice with honey twice daily.

👉 Chew betel nut after food.

👉Soak coriander seeds ( 1 teaspoon) in water overnight , drink this water in morning empty stomach.

👉 Have Rice water(maand) or rice washed water with jaggery.

👉 Wash vagina with Triphala decoction or boil Fenugreek seeds in water then filter use this water to wash.

👉 Use alum water(boil 3gm of fitkari in 4 glass of water till water reduces to half then filter ) to wash vagina.
👉 Use mango bark or banyan bark decoction(boil 10gms of bark in 4 glasses of water, reduce water to half and filter) to wash vagina.

🧘‍♀️Yoga – backward bend , forward bend, dhanurasan,sun salutation, cat pose,camel pose ,kapalbhati , pranayama etc are helpful.

🌺This condition should not be ignored as it may leads to infection which may spread to uterus and other reproductive organs results in problem in conceiving or chances of miscarriage increases .

🌺Immunity will reduce cause other diseases.

✅So it is wise to treat leucorrhoea early with effective and safe ayurvedic medicines.

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