Uses of coconut water and pulp.

🥥Coconut is used in sacred ceremonies from thousands of years as it is considered as divine fruit . It is of 3 types based on its life cycle baal , madhyam and pakva.

🌷Baal or tender coconut have 95 water which has best cooling effect.
🌷Madhyam which have soft pulp along with water it is most nutritive has more vitamin, protein, carbohydrates and minerals than other two form . This form is good for almost everyone.
🌷Pakva type have firm pulp🥥 and little water it is heavy to digest , decrease digestive fire and if taken in large quantity can cause hyper acidity and can increase cholesterol so it should always used with other ingredients which increase digestive fire like ginger, mustard and cumin,they all can be grind to make chutney .
🌷 It pacify vata, pitta and increase kapha.

🌺Tender Coconut water benefits👇

👉Used in excessive thirst.
👉Best natural electrolyte drink. Great to use in summer.
👉Flushes out toxins.
👉Relieve burning sensation, burning in urine and painful urination.
👉Hyper Acidity.
👉Improve muscular strength.
👉Cardiac tonic.
👉 Used in Fever.
👉 In Skin rashes.
👉In Spermatorrhea.
👉In Dry mouth.
👉Nourishes mind , calm overactive mind if someone is short tempered it help them to stay cool.
👉In menopausal phase it relieves hot flashes and restore emotional balance.
👉Stress buster.
👉It should generally avoid in night
👉Support fat metabolism help in stay slim.
👉Improve skin texture, complexion , can be used in face pack.

👉It should not be used in cooking

🌺Ripened coconut qualities👇

🌻Useful to gain weight and strength.
🌻Can cause constipation
🌻If taken in large quantiy can cause stiffness and heaviness in body

🙂Coconut oil is keshya, it promote hair growth.
🙂Its oil can be applied on feet after stressful day and it is also applied to prevent scar.

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