Mulethi (licorice) – excellent health tonic for elderly people.

Must keep this herb at home as it is very useful in many conditions .

🌼 It is Sweet, cold, vata and pitta balancing herb.

🌿Used in _following conditions_

👉Acidity, acid reflux, ulcer and excessive thirst. 🥵
👉Improves strength💪 and immunity.

👉Useful in Allergy rhinitis, bronchial asthma, cough, dry cough, chest congestion and sour throat.
👉 Eye tonic.👀
👉 Good for heart💖, prevent clogging of blood vessels, maintain cholesterol levels.

👉Liver tonic. 👌

👉Improves hemoglobin level and purify blood.

👉Improves skin colour and complexion, 🌻cure acne, pimples, black head, white heads and blemishes – apply its paste.

👉Hair tonic, prevent hair fall 😃and early greying👧 – use its water to wash hair, use it to make hair pack, apply oil boiled with it and use it internally .

👉Relieves PMS and menopausal symptoms. 🧘‍♀️

👉Antidepressant, brain tonic. 🧠

👉Heal fracture and wound.🦴

👉 It an excellent tonic for elderly people.

👉 Avoid its regular use in diabetes.

How to use it?? 🤔

🌷 Take its powder 1-3 gms with milk, honey or ghee.
🌷Tablets 1-2.
🌷Kada- boil 1tsb of mulethi in 1 glass of water till it remains 1/4, filter and drink little warm .
🌷Ksheerpak- mix 3gms of mulethi with 25 ml of milk and 100ml of water,boil this till only milk remains .
🌷Chew its stick.

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