Why it is important to know what type of agni (digestive strength) you have.

🌻Agni means fire🔥 ayurveda compare digestion with agni as it converts food into energy.

🌻For healthy,long and happy😊 life balanced agni is very essential,most of the disorders originated due to impaired agni.😱

🌻You may notice🧐 in your family or in friends after having same type of food say pizza some feel absolutely fine after having it and next day also ,his bowel movement is easy but with some even after having small portion they feel heavy, bloated,gasy and next day no proper bowel movement.

🌻From this you can understand we all are different bodies we all have different digestive strength or Agni🔥 which should by different solutions maintained in balanced condition.

🌻It is not that someone always has imbalanced agni in younger age you might have strong agni which can digest whatever you eat but with diet, lifestyle and age it changed. 👍

🌻According to dosha involved there are 4 types of agni

  1. Visham agni-In this type vata(air) dosha is involved.This type is completely unpredictable🎠, some time after meal you don’t have any digestive issues😁 and other times you are bloated,gas, colicky pain etc😫
    👉Symptoms- bloating,gas, constipation😓, sometimes loose motion, gurgling intestine, abdominal colicky pain,dry mouth, carvings for hot, spicy,fried foods, cracking sound from joints,low backache,less sleep, anxiety,fear etc.

👉Solution- follow vata pacifying diet and routine.
✅.take equal quantity of roasted fennel and plain fennel, mix them and have 1 teaspoon of it after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

✅ Have warm, unctuous, salty and sour taste dominate food.

✅Avoid raw vegetables,
include ghee,root vegetables in diet.
✅Take hingvashtak powder.

  1. Tikshan agni -In this type pitta🔥🔥 ( fire) dosha is involved,in this condition person ( hyperactive metabolism) feels hungry all the time,he cannot tolerate hunger, he can even digest large 😋and heavy food quickly, it is so quick that food is not actually digested but burnt so there is no nutrients absorption.

👉symptoms -* they suffer more often from acidity,diarrhea inflammation, hot flashes and skin problems.

  • angry, irritated, hate, envy, impatient, perfectionist, obsession, controlling and judgmental in nature .

👉What to do??
✅ Follow pitta pacifying ( that is cold in nature ) diet and lifestyle.
✅ Coriander , fennel, mint, amal,dates raisins, coconut, pomegranate and alovera should be part of regular diet.
✅ Buffalo milk and ghee or medicated ghee should be taken.
✅Should not skip meals, eat heavy to digest food. Avoid spicy food.
✅Apply sandalwood paste on body and wear pearl.
✅Spend time in moonlight and listen soothing music.
✅ Pitta pacifying yoga like moon salutation and sheetali pranayam along with meditation to be done in order to control anger and other negative emotions.
✅Purgation or virechan treatment is given to balance pitta dosha.
✅Take pitta balancing medication.

  1. Manda agni- This type is related to kapha dosha,where digestion is slow, underactive. If you feel full even after many hours of meal,feel uneasy after heavy meal, want to take nap after food🥴, even after eating less you are gaining weight clearly you have Manda Agni.

👉 Symptoms- weight gain,low appetite, easily caught cough and cold. Other kapha related disorders like allergies, swelling, Diabetes, hypertension, excess sleep, lethargy, white coating over tongue.
👉What to do?
✅ Eat light, appetizing and digestive food .
✅Fasting once in a week .
✅Have pungent, bitter and astringent taste food.
✅Cumin,turmeric, ginger, sauth, pepper, haritaki, lemon juice and Pippali should be taken .
✅Take mixture of ginger, lemon juice and salt before food.
✅ Avoid milk products and starchy food.
✅Do regular exercise.
✅Do not sleep during daytime.
✅Do not hold back natural urges.
✅Take ayurvedic medicines for dipan( increasing digestive fire) and pachan( digesting).

4.Sama agni-this is a balanced condition of all three doshas😀 , where there is no digestive issues , after eating food one feel satisfied and comfortable .

👉 Symptoms- daily bowel movement with no digestive problems like bloating,gas, acidity, lethargy, constipation, loose stool.Good skin, hairs, eyes,sleep, strong body, strong immunity, tolerate seasonal changes easily,clear and calm mind.😎😇

😲Unfortunately due to unhealthy diet and stressful life Sama agni is very rare.

✅Once you know what type of agni you have more effective measures can be taken to restore balance.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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