Ayurvedic tips to manage old age problems.

Jara (old age)

👉It’s a natural stage of life, aging is a natural process, it is considered as natural disease as it is not comfortable. 🌻

👉It is very important to age gracefully and with no or less diseases as population of old people in our country is growing
and most of the aged people spend poor quality of life with dependancy on lots of medicines. 👍
👉There are 2 types of aging one is timely and other is untimely. 🌺
👉In timely aging occurs by effect of time or Kala, it’s signs and issues appear after 65 years of age but in untimely aging, signs appears early.

👉 Untimely aging is caused by not taking care of diet and lifestyle, eating excessive sour, salt, bitter and astringent taste food. 🙄

👉Aging can be postponed , maintained and treated with proper diet, lifestyle and herbs.🌿🙏

🤔What are the common changes and diseases of old age?? 🌺

👉 In old age vata dosha is dominant which causes degeneration all tissues of body. 🌀

👉Dehydration and emaciation is common.
👉Loss of memory,loss of cognitive functions,loss of muscle strength, body strength and immunity.

👉 Skin becomes dry, wrinkled and lustre less.

👉 Sense organs becomes weak causes poor vision, loss of ability to smell, taste and sensation of touch.

👉Bone becomes weak and brittle .
👉Gastrointestinal motility decreases cause constipation and other digestive disorders , ability to absorb nutrients reduces.
👉 Respiratory disorders increases .
👉Chances of infections are high
👉Chances of cardiac, renal, endocrinal and neurological disorders are high .
👉Increased risk of anxiety, stress, fear,insecurity, aggression and depression .

🌿All these signs intensity depends on habits of individual in previous stages of life.

🌿We cannot control or stop aging but we can slow down it.
🌱Preventive steps should be taken to counter its effects.
🌿Living without attention will complicate old age.
🌱One must learn to accept, adopt this stage of life with pride and joy

🌱 Today due to nuclear family old age become more uncomfortable due to fear, helplessness and uncertainty.
🌱 Never neglect any health problem always consult ayurvedic doctor at earliest.

🙄How to delay and manage old age??

🌷Ayurveda is the first science where there is branch called jara chikitsa(or Rasayan)which is dedicated to prevent, manage and treat aging issues. 😊

🌷Balancing digestive fire is first thing to consider in managing old age symptoms. 👍🔥
🌷 Vata pacifying diet and lifestyle are suggested to follow. 🌀🌞
🌷 Rasayan (rejuvenator) herbs and preparations are advised to take. Rasayan prevent tissue degeneration, they are immuno modulator and delay aging symptoms. 👍🙏

🌺Here are few rejuvenators

👉Take amla with honey and mishri.

👉Take vidang, ginger or bhallatak with honey and ghee.

👉Have ginger, turmeric with milk.
👉Take Shashtik rice with milk.

👉Honey with matulunga balances vata and gives good sleep.

👉Loh bhasm with milk.

👉 Have chyawanprash or bhram rasayan in morning.
👉 Have Sugar, vanshlochan and ghee.
👉 Triphala is not only mild laxative but it is a great rasayan or rejuvenator too.
👉 Herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari, mulethi, giloy, shankhpushi, Brahmi, amla and harad are also very beneficial.

🌺Always consult Vaidhya before using rasayan, he will suggest best suited for your needs.

Diet tips

👉 Eat on fixed time and with full attention on food.

👉 Chew Ginger slice and pinch of salt before food, chew fennel seeds after food.
👉 Include kushmand, black pepper, coconut, pomegranate, raisin, Pippali, dry ginger, poppy seeds, ragi, betel leaves and til in diet .

👉Include Bajra, amranthas, rice, wheat,barley, jowar, kulthi,moong daal and chana daal in food .
👉Brinjal, radish leaves, mint, fennel, parval, snake gourd, almond, apple, dates,grapes, pineapple, orange, litchi,sweet lime, ginger, garlic, drumstick pod and leaves should be part of diet.
👉 Consume Milk, ghee, white makkhan and buttermilk according to digestive capacity.

👉 Ayurvedic recipes like Yvagu,yush, odan, laja and mand are very nutritional, light to digest and they increase digestive strength.
👉 Avoid bad combination food.
👉Avoid sour thing, jamun, orange and cold food like banana, guava in throat problem.
👉Avoid excessive tea, coffee as they disturb absorption of calcium and iron.
👉Avoid refined flour, refined sugar and refined oils.
👉 Avoid dry food.

👉If weight is Lossing continously then avoid bitter taste things like karela, hing etc

🌺Lifestyle related tips

👉Follow fixed daily routine.
👉Regular oil massage before bath with Mahanarayana oil.
👉 Foot massage at night.
👉 Sleep early and wake up early.
👉 Maintain personal hygiene.


👉Basti, abhyangam, Shiro abhyangam, shirodhara etc
👉 Seasonal mild Shodhan can be done at ayurvedic hospital or clinic.

For mental well-being

🌺Don’t presume negative things or situations like what if you fall and no one is there, always think positive that you will never face such situations, visualize only positive things.

👉Follow sadvritta ( good personal and social conduct).
👉 Following ethics works as rejuvenator (Achar rasayan)
👉Involve in knowledge of atma and paramatama.
👉 Utilize transition period of nature which is brahmamahurat in morning and evening time for prayers, gyan, satsang and meditation, they increase satva quality of mind.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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