Ayurvedic view about epidemic.

🤔Is there any reference of epidemic in Ayurveda?

👉Yes, in all three major texts of Ayurveda there is mention of epidemic.🌱

🤔How Ayurveda describes epidemic?

👉In Ayurveda epidemic is described as’Janapadodhwamsam’ which means
Jana – community
Udhwamsam- destruction.
That is destruction of large community is janpadodhwansam. 👍

🤔What causes epidemic?

👉As per Ayurveda adharma is the root cause of epidemic. 🌿
👉Adharma is unruly behavior, not following rules of dharma, country or states by majority of population. 🌺

👉Progyaapradha – Not using intellect, even knowing that particular action of yours will cause harm to you and environment and still indulging in those activities is intellectual error or pragyapradh . 🙄
👉 Because of that adharma, environment also become unruly. 😯

🤔Why adharma increase?
With end of every yug, 1/4 th of human satva,physical and mental strength, lifespan and health lost result in adharma or unruly behavior . 🙏

👉 Again there are 2 types of factors which causes epidemic

  1. Normal or general – when air, water, land and season vitiated.
    🌱Air vitiation seen as fierce movement of air, very hot,very cold,very dry or humid air with odd smell, sand particles cause burning in eyes, diffulty in breathing and allergies.
    🌱Water vitiation results in bad taste,smell, colour and touch of Water. Death of aquatic animals and birds.
    🌱Land – abnormal colour, smell, taste and touch, increased number of insects, wild animals and weeds, Animals and birds cries.
    🌱Kala or time – absence of dharma, truth, morality and modesty.
    Fear, confusion, apprehension, darkness and crying noise in environment.
    Seasons show different features then there normal ones, they may be opposite, less or excess of their natural characteristics. 🌀🌦️⛈️

👉All these 4 types of vitiated factors are common to large population which leads to destruction.

👉Vitiation of air, water, land and Kaal are dangerous in increasing order, Kaal is most difficult to manage, it also effects all other 3 factors and it is difficult to escape . 🌵🌻
👉These 4 factors gets polluted or act abnormally due to sinful act of ruler, merchant and common people of region, state or country.🌼☘️
👉Not following righteous path also leads to fights and war among countries and people due to increased greed, anger and ego.🏵️
👉Demons or micro organisms like viruses also destroy people as they become weak . 👹

  1. Abnormal or special – impact of abnormal planets, sun, moon, star movement result in abnormal season or Kala. 💮

🤔What are the common health issues seen in epidemic ?
👉Cough, dyspnoea, rhinorrhea, anosmoea and other respiratory tract problems.
👉Headache, fever, eruptive fever and giddiness. 🤧🤒🤕

🤔How communicable diseases spread??
👉Staying in close association.
👉Droplet infection through cough, sneezing, talking and laughing.
👉Eating together, sharing food
👉Sharing clothes, ornaments, soap, cosmetics, bed, chair etc.

🤔How to treat these problems?
👉 Diseases manifested in epidemic can be prevented and treated with Ayurvedic medicines. 🌿🌱
👉Medicine or herbs collected, preserved and administrate properly can treat epidemic diseases easily there is no need to worry . 👍🌱
👉Panchkarma and Rasayan chikitsa are best treatment. ✅
👉Dharma or rules of diet, living and governance, should be followed by community. ✅
👉Good conduct should be taught from childhood only. ✅
👉Education and practical knowledge about importance of environment should be given from early age . ✅

👉Truthfulness,compassion,charity, prayer, good deeds, reading religious scriptures, staying in contact with sattvik people and remembering God act as therapy during this time . ✅
👉Brahmacharya or controlling self, prevention of pragyapradh (intellectual error) should be followed at personal level,Industrial level and by rulers of region. ✅😇🙏

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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  1. Wonderful Dr. and person, consulting her since last year wonderful experience. Her diagnosis is so correct and medicine course prescribed cures the disease into the deep roots .l also consulted her for my covid positive condition , I got symptoms of covid19 ,fever, running nose, headache, severe bodyache,no smell,eye pain and dysentery. Being the hypothyroid patient and cancer survivor I immediately consulted her and medicine prescribed by her helped me to heal and within a week ,i got well and back to normal. I would really recommend all to take Ayurvedic medicine to fight this pandemic, all my family members are taking ayurvedic medicines as prescribed by her as the precautionary measure. Make Ayurveda your way of living , ayurvedic medicines are wonderful cure without side effects.Thank you so much Dr. Amrita.

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