Diabetes – diet and lifestyle suggestions 🌺

🌱Good diet can prevent and help in managing even difficult to cure disease like diabetes . 🙏
🌱In Ayurveda it is said that no medicine is equivalent to food with only proper diet management many diseases can cured. 🌴

🌱Whenever someone is diagnosed with diabetes many suggestions start pouring like don’t eat this don’t eat that and the person thinks that there are very less options available for him now , he gets so disheartened and demotivated that sometimes he don’t want to follow any rules. 🙄

🌱So it is very important to plan diet of a diabetic person with healthy and tasty varieties of food items according to his preferences, age, season, time of day, region and lifestyle . 🌻🌼
🌱 Food should be planned in such a way that it looks good ,colourful and flavourful at the same time they can be prepared with easily available ingredients and easy process. 🌴🌺🌻

🌱 Food which is as per individual choice and food with different ingredients helps in proper digestion, assimilation and absorption of nutrients. 😋😍
🌱Planned diet helps diabetic person to maintain blood sugar level and also help to prevent complications. 🌼🌻
🌱There are two types of diabetic person one is obese for whom dry, rough, bitter taste and kapha hara diet should be planned other is lean or emaciated person for whom nourishing, replenish and vata balancing diet should be planned. 👍🌼

🌱 Follow Ayurvedic rules of diet. Eat on fixed time with concentration, do not eat
less or in excess, keep 1/3 rd of stomach empty.☘️🌴

👉Avoid non nourishing, heavy and high glycemic index food. ✅

👉Vata and Kapha balancing diet are advised in diabetes. 🍀🌷
👉 Fix the timing of each meal like breakfast at 8am,fruits 10 am, lunch 12.30, evening snack 4 pm and dinner by 7pm.🌷🍀🌞

👉Millets are good options for diabetic as they are heavy so one cannot consume it in excess, they gives feeling of fullness and take time to convert into sugar so they do not raise blood sugar level immediately .🌟🌞🌻

👉For lunch and dinner roti, sabji and dal can be planned for 7 days.🌼

👉Roti options – Barley roti, bajra roti, jowar, vegetable stuffed roti, ragi roti and wheat roti. ☘️
👉Bajra Khichdi is good option for old age people. 🌷
👉 Pulses- green gram, horse gram, chana dal and toor daal. ☘️
👉Avoid daal makhkhani ❌

👉Fruits are less in calories, nourishing and full of antioxidants
Fruits – pomegranate, apple, mango, guava, grapes, orange and papaya. 🍎🍇🍒🍓🍊🍍

👉Vegetables -Vegetables like parwal, karela, ash gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd, turai, kundru, drumstick, leafy vegetables should be used by cooking in less oil or ghee and spices. 🍆🥥🥕
❌Avoid mushrooms and root vegetables excessive use.
❌Avoid raw vegetables in excess.
❌ Lean diabetic person should not have bitter taste things like karela juices daily or in excess .

👉Use oil like – sesame, mustard and ghee for cooking ✅
👉Use rock salt for daily food ✅
👉 Dry fruits, seeds, methidana, cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, carom seeds etc are should be use.

👉Use Methi leaves as sabji, roti or daal methi. ✅
👉Use ragi, barley, finger millet for making idli, dosa in place of rice. ✅
👉Have rice with methi powder and buttermilk.
👉 Prepare Noddles, Manchurian, pizza base with ragi, barley like ingredients.

🌺Few morning drinks which can be taken empty stomach –
✅Bael leaves juice with black pepper
✅Giloy kwath
✅Amla juice with turmeric
✅Triphala kada with haldi

Note- Amla and turmeric combination is extremely good in diabetes.

🌺Few recipes for breakfast and snacks

👉Take Soaked and boiled pulses like moong, chana or methi seeds add chopped vegetables like cucumber, onion, tomatoes, green coriander, beetroot, carrot etc according to season, add lemon juice , black pepper, salt and coconut scrapping mix thoroughly and serve . 🥗

👉Green gram or Chana daal chilla (pancake) .
👉 Rava, poha and vegetables cutlets .

👉 Barley daliya and upma.

👉Barley khichdi – Mix Barley, chana dal, ginger, peanut, turmeric,salt and cook them in water and seasoning it with ghee, cumin, mustard, curry leaves, coconut, lemon juice .


✅Rice, laja (puffed rice), moong dal or red gram soup can be taken add amla, garlic , black pepper,hing, ginger, coriander leaves in them.


✅Buttermilk should be taken as it clears body channels, reduce inflammation add roasted methi, cumin, amla powder , jamun seed power, curry leaves and coriander leaves in it.

✅Take Milk with haldi, pepper, cardamom, black pepper etc.

✅Milk boiled with ragi is also healthy and nutritional option.

✅Kokum drink – soak Cocum in water, add powder of roasted cumin , mustard, garlic, black pepper,dry ginger, salt and curry leaves, mix them and strain.
👉 Sour taste things like lemon, kokum, citrus medica, amla etc are good for diabetic person as sour taste is good for heart and diabetic persons are at risk of heart diseases. 🌷

❌Avoid alcohol, excessive use of milk and milk products
❌Avoid curd
❌Avoid jaggery and it products
❌Avoid consumption of newly harvested grains.

🌺Lifestyle related tips

👉Avoid sleeping in daytime❌
👉Sleep by 10pm wake up between 5-6 am❌
👉Regular excercise, yoga,pranayam walk for 1 hour✅

👉Oil massage before bath, foot massage before sleep. ✅
👉 Never hold natural urges. ✅
👉 Hold urges of negative emotions like grief, anger, anxiety, stress etc.

👉 Panchkarma therapies should be used to remove toxins specially in obese diabetic person , to protect eyes ayurvedic therapy like tarpan can be taken, for stress one can go for shirodhara .✅☘️

🌷 Take Ayurvedic treatment, follow Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle to maintain blood sugar level and to prevent diabetes complications. ✅

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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