Chyawanprash – everything you should know about it.🌷

🤔What is Chyawanprash?
👉It is one of most famous Ayurvedic jam or avleh of semi solid consistency, it’s recipe is described in Ayurvedic samhitas under rasayan or rejuvenator. 🌷☘️

🤔Why it is named as Chyawanprash?
👉It was first used by sage chywan as a anti aging formulation and as it is semisolid in consistency and meant to lick or prashan so it is named as Chyawanprash. 👍🌷

🤔What are the ingredients of chyawanprash?
👉Amla is the main ingredient other than that many herbs,spices, ghee, sugar etc are used. ☘️🌷

🤔How it effect doshas??
👉It balances vata and kapha dosha, can increase pitta slightly. 🌹☘️

🤔What are the uses of Chyawanprash??

✅It is a best anti-aging preparation it prevent early aging signs like premature greying of hairs, wrinkles, joint pain etc. 😎

✅It nourishes and rejuvenate body deep body tissues. 😍

✅It improves immunity specially respiratory immunity. Useful in cough,cold, asthma, allergic rhinitis and tuberculosis .It improves oxygen supply to body tissues. 🤗

✅It prevent and cure throat and chest infections. 😀

✅ It improve digestive power and relieve constipation.🌸

✅ Good for heart, liver , bones ,teeth, eyes,voice, skin and hairs.💁‍♀️

✅ Improve memory, relieves stress and calm mind.😇

✅It strengthen sense organs. 👀👃👅🧠
✅ Improve fertility and helps in maintaining healthy menstrual cycle .🌻

🤔Which age group can have it?
👉 Children, young and old everyone can have it. 🌱

🤔When to take it?
👉Empty stomach 10-15 minutes before breakfast .🌼

🤔What should be it’s dose?
👉 1-2 tablespoon.( 10- 20 gm), it should be decided according to age and other factors. 🌿

🤔Should it be taken with milk or water?
👉Classically there is no reference to take it with milk or water, generally warm milk is taken after few minutes of having chyawanprash as milk is also a rasayan and cold in potency so it balances and improves chyawanprash efficiency. 🌺🌺
👉Better to avoid milk immediately after having Chyawanprash give few minutes gap.🌺🌺
👉Chyawanprash can also be taken with warm water as chyawanprash is sweet and unctuous which has nature to stick in mouth and warm water clean that stickiness of oral cavity .🌿🌿

🤔 Can chyawanprash be mix with with milk?
👉 No. ❌

🤔 Plain or sona- chandi Chyawanprash which is good?

👉Classical formulation ( plain Chyawanprash ) is good for everyone, if you want to have other variants consult Ayurvedic doctor .✅

🤔 Dose it cause weight gain ?
👉 No.❌

🤔Can it be taken night??
👉No. ❌

🤔How to test quality of chyawanprash??
👉There should be smell of spices like cinnamon, cardamom and long pepper in it. 🌷
👉It should be more sour and spicy in taste than sweet.🌷
👉 Properly cooked chyawanprash is semi solid in consistency and it sink in water, it does not spread. 🌷

🤔Can it be taken on daily basis regularly?
👉Those who frequently suffer from respiratory disorders can take it regularly whole year. ✅🌼
👉Person who feel burning in stomach after having it can reduce the quantity or can have milk after it or they can avoid it in warm weather✅. 🌺
👉 Normally gap of few months can be given. ✅🌸

🌻 Consult Ayurvedic doctor to know when, how much and how long you can take Chyawanprash, who decides what is best for you according to your prakriti and other factors. 🌿

🌱Many Ayurvedic pharmacies and Vaidhyas prepare it.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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