Bael or wood apple- antiviral, antibacterial and anti inflammatory.

🌺Bael – useful in treatment of covid symptoms.

🌷Bael or bilva is one of the plant with religious and medicinal importance ,its leaves are used to offer lord Shiva so it is also called shivdruma.

🤔Which part of bilva plant is useful??

🌷Whole plant of bilva have medicinal usage it leaves, roots, stem,bark, fruit,flowers and oil are used for different health problems. 🌷Bilva fruit, leaves , root and stem can be dried in shade and store for usage.

🌷Unripe fruit of bael is katu,tikta and kashay in taste,hot in potency,it balance vata and pitta dosha,it is piercing,oily, absorbent and digestive in properties.

🌷 Ripe fruit is heavy to digest,aggravate all Dosha,cause burning sensation and constipation, useful in diarrhoea. .
👉 Unripe fruit is more useful than ripened fruits.

🌷Bael root balance all 3 dosha it is one of the part of dashmool used in ayurvedic medicines.

🌷Bael leaves balance all 3 doshas . It is used in acidity,cold, cough, sinusitis, asthma ,diabetes maintain cholesterol levels,colic pain and IBS it can be used in both dried and fresh form it has all the benefits of bilva.

🤔What are the uses of Bael??
✅It helps in keeping intestine healthy. It prevent and cure intestine related disorders.
✅ It is useful in improving taste perception, gas, bloating and burping.
✅ Due to its anti inflammatory and absorbant action it is useful in diarrhoea, dysentery and IBS .

✅ It is good for liver. It protect liver, helps in maintaining its normal function.

✅One of the most important use of bilva is in diabetes as it controls blood sugar level by helping pancreas to produce more insulin.
It controls sugar and protein in urine.

✅ It is used in jaundice.

✅ It helps in relieving vomiting.Used in vomiting during pregnancy.

✅Used in treatment of piles.

✅ Helps in rheumatoidarthritis.

✅ It is a heart tonic,its leaves improve HDL and reduce LDL levels. It is also useful for high blood pressure patients.It is good for person with weak heart.

✅ It helps in losing weight.

✅ Bael improve immunity, help in preventing infection.

✅It has antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal and anti parasite activity.

✅It is used in treating many skin related disorders.

✅It is used in menstrual cycle related disorders and in leucorrhoea. It is useful in uterus related issues.

✅It is good for bone as it is rich in calcium.

✅It’s leaves and roots are diuretic
✅It helps in controlling fever.

How to use it?🤔

👉 It’s leaves can be used fresh or dried. Fresh leaves juice can be consumed or powder of dried leaves can be taken. Kadha of leaves can be used.
👉Dried or fresh leaves can be added in sabji.

👉 Bael fruit can be use as sharbat , chutney , murrabba and candy . It can be dried and then powdered.

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