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Anemia, Ayurvedic treatment is best option to cure it naturally.

🌺Anemia is called Pandu in Ayurveda which means pale colour as in Anemia skin becomes pale.😔

🌺 Low hemoglobin level condition ( less than 13g/dl in male and less than 12g/dl in female) is termed as Anemia.👍

🌺In Anemia the body’s digestive fire got low, impairing immunity and increasing the risk of casualties, particularly during pregnancy, motherhood, and injury recovery.

👉Anemia during pregnancy is associated with maternal mortality, preterm labor, low birth weight, and infant mortality.

👉Anemia among children affects their cognitive and motor development and increases the susceptibility of infections.

👉It is common is elderly people.

🌺Ayurveda offers very effective treatment of Anemia .👌

What causes anemia?? 🙄

✅It is very important to know the causes of problem to avoid recurrence and for effective treatment.

👉 Excessive intake of sour,salty and spicy food.

👉 Heavy excercise or excretion.

👉Working in excessive heat or exposure to intense heat of sun.

👉 Daytime Sleep.

👉 Sedentary lifestyle.

👉Alcohol consumption.

👉Weak digestion and weak liver.

👉Eating mud.

👉Worm infestation.

👉 Pregnancy

👉Suppression of natural urges

👉 Negative emotions like anger, jealousy etc.

👉 Due to some Allopathic medicines.

👉 Loss of blood due to various reasons, deficiency of blood forming ingredients, destruction of RBC within body.

🌱 So, rather than a clear food deficiency other factors also causes anemia.

🌱And to  cure anemia you will need to do more than eat food high in iron  to address these causes.

🌺What are the types of Anemia?

👉There are majorly five types of Anemia – Iron Deficiency Anemia, Vitamin Deficiency Anemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, Aplastic Anemia, and Thalassemia.

👉Most common type of Anemia is Iron deficiency Anemia(IDA) , which is a global public health crisis. As per the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) report, there are about two billion anemia cases globally, of which half of them are IDA✅

👉As per Ayurveda according to involved dosha there are 5 types of Pandu namely vattic,paittic,kaphaj,tridoshaj and due to mud eating

🤔What are the symptoms of Anemia?

🌻Pale,dry and dull skin and nail .

🌻Feeling tired mostly and do not feel better even after rest.

🌻 Weakness.

🌻Hair fall.

🌻Cold hands and feet.

🌻 Shortness of breath.

🌻 Palpitation ( fast heart beat).

🌻loss of interest,lack of interest, irritation and anger.

🌻Disturbed sleep.

🌻Body pain.




To  diagnose  iron-deficiency anemia, a blood test is done to check your complete blood count (CBC), hemoglobin levels, blood iron levels, and ferritin levels.

🤔Why simply taking iron supplements is not sufficient in anemia?

After intake of iron it’s proper absorption and assimilation is needed, also need proper transport to deliver the iron to the tissues.

👉For this well function digestive fire is vital.

👉Various food factors enhance iron absorption, including sugars, acids such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and citric acid.

👉 On the other hand there are things that reduces iron absorption like tannins in tea and coffee greatly reduce iron absorption so it is important that patients suffering from anemia do not drink tea or coffee after meals.

👉Eating husked dals, fermentated food such as sourdough bread or idali, enhance bioavailability of iron in cereal-based foods.

👉Cooking vegetables in an iron skillet has been found to enhance the biovailable iron content of green vegetables.

👉Liver plays a key part in regulating iron absorption ,it decreases iron absorption when iron stores are high and increases when stores are low.

👉Copper deficiency can lead to impairment of iron delivery, so patients with iron deficiency anemia need a good copper intake via food sources like mustard, sesame seeds, mushrooms and summer squash.

What to do to treat Anemia?

✅ Avoid points mentioned in causes.

✅ Include green vegetables in diet.

✅ Spinach ( green and red), broccoli, tomato, lemon, onion,methi should be part of your diet.

✅ Include Beetroot, pomegranate, guava,carrot,apple, dates, raisins, black sesame seeds, jaggery, sugarcane, banana, banana inflorescence, drumstick leaves and honey in diet.

✅ Have Milk, buttermilk,ghee and white makkhan.

✅ Whole grains and beans.

✅Herbs like Amla, punarnava, bhringraj,draksha, alovera, giloy, shunthi, Pippali etc are helpful

✅ Avoid excess of tea and coffee

✅ Follow ayurvedic diet and lifestyle.

Why Ayurvedic treatment is better?

👉Several types of modern medicines are available in the market, modern iron formulations contain one or the other types of iron salts but  long-term treatment of Anemia with these drugs is associated with constipation, heart burn, nausea, gastric discomfort and diarrhea

👉On the other hand Ayurvedic anemia correcting agents are found to be practiced effectively since centuries and without any side effects .

👉An individual who is iron deficient is unlikely to make up all their depleted reserves from food alone, so herbal supplementation is required.

👉In Ayurveda iron is given in form of bhasm which is prepared by thorough process of purification and incineration

👉Along with iron following herbs are also added to enhance the absorption and delivery of the iron molecules.

✅Bhringaraj, is an excellent iron source, further it is also a good copper source.

✅Triphala is excellent for anemia since both haritaki and bibhitaki are very rich iron sources and are also rich in vitamin C, which aids iron absorption.Triphala also prevent from the common possible side effect of iron like constipation

✅Cumin seed rates as an excellent source of iron as well as zinc, it enhances the absorption of iron from food.

✅Anise , mint and licorice similarly enhance iron absorption, Mint and licorice are also themselves excellent sources of iron and licorice is high in copper as well.

✅Pippali is another good source of iron that also enhances iron absorption.

✅Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) I add so as to enhance the intelligence of the iron molecules to be delivered to the bone marrow.
✅Bhumi amla, to nourish and enhance the function of liver.

✅Green cardamom to enhance the efficacy of iron.
✅Wild amla (Phyllantus emblica) enhances to absorption of the iron molecules, and secures their delivery into the muscle tissue

✅Trikatu, to facilitates targeted delivery for greater faster effectiveness.

✅Shilajeet, to makes the iron more potent and useful for the body.

Why never take iron supplements without it’s deficiency? 🤔

👉This is because while we want sufficient levels of iron to prevent anemia but if iron levels gets too high it could create problems. This is because iron is very susceptible to oxidation. Iron metal when left in the rain rusts or oxidizes very quickly. This is usually more of a problem in men since women lose a lot of iron each month with their menstrual cycles, but post-menopausal women should take a look at.

👉 That’s why you should never take supplemental iron or even multivitamins with iron unless your blood work shows an iron deficiency as high levels of ferritin can increase risk to have heart attacks than those with normal levels.

👉Consult Ayurvedic physician for proper treatment he will prescribe medications according to your severity of condition,type of Anemia and based on body type.

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