🌺Shadang paniy – use it in place of normal water in fever. 🌺🌺

Prepared shadang paniy


👉Water processed with 6 herbs is shadang paniy.🌺

👉It pacifies vata and kapha. 🌺

👉It is used useful in treatment of fever and it associated symptoms like loss of taste, loss of appetite, thirst, burning, weakness, body ache, headache, diarrhoea,dehydration, restlessness, and lethargy.☘️☘️

🤔Which herbs are used to make it?

👉 Musta, ushir, chandan, shunthi, parpata and udichya are used to make it. ☘️☘️

👉 All the herbs used in it are antipyretic, improve digestive fire, remove toxins from body, fight infections and clean body channels .👍🙏
👉 By having this during fever, weakness after fever can be prevented. ☘️☘️

🤔How to make it?

👉 Mix all the ingredients in equal quantity take 10 grams of this herbal mix and boil in 2 liter of water and reduce it half, filter it and drink, use it within 12 hours. ✅
👉 Prepare it fresh for each day. ✅

👉Always drink it when there is thirst. 🌷

🤔Does it comes in prepared form??
👉Yes, it comes as shadang kashayam, manufactured by Ayurvedic pharmacies, this liquid can be used by mixing in boiled and cooled down water. ☘️☘️
👉Its dry powder is also available in market which can be used to prepare it at home. ☘️☘️

👉It is suggested to use whole day in place of normal water or 3-4 times in a day as per condition of individual. 🌺
👉Always use it after consultation with Ayurvedic doctor. 👍🌺

☘️🙏 In Ayurveda food and water is also used along with medicines to treat disease fast. While other pathies do not give importance to food in healing, instead they give supplements .

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