Ras Aushadhi (herbo mineral medicines) – fast acting emergency medicines of Ayurveda.

🌺In present situation of covid Ayurvedic ras aushadhi are giving excellent results in short time with no side effects. 👍🙏
🌺Mostly people think in Ayurveda herbs or plant based medicines are used but there is one very special branch in Ayurveda known as Ras Shastra which use other natural sources to make medicines. 🌷

🤔What is Ras shastra??

👉It is branch of Ayurveda which use mercury, metals, minerals, gems and animals products along with herbs to make medicines which is known as ras aushadhi or Herbo mineral medicines .🌷

👉Acharya Nagarjuna was considered as father of ras shastra.🌷

🤔Why Ras shastra branch is formed ??

👉Ras shastra has 2 Objectives
1.Dhatu vada( alchemy) – to transform lower value metals like tin, lead into high value metals like gold, silver for prosperity of country . 😍

  1. Deh vada (therapeutic use)- to transform body into healthy, strong and disease free state. 🥰 🤔What are the advantages of ras aushadhis ??
    👉 They are quick in action. 🤗
    👉Effective in low dose. ✅
    👉Have long shelf life compared to only herbs containing medicines.🌺 👉Easy to use. 😊
    👉 Useful in treatment of acute and chronic diseases. 👌
    👉Improves immunity. 💪
    👉Anti aging. 😎

👉 In pandemic when herbs also contaminated and may not give desired results , they are the best medicines to use as they are fast and give quick results . ✅
👉 They are useful in emergency conditions . ✅

🤔How metal or minerals can used as oral medicines?? How can they be consumed as they are hard?? How to make sure they don’t effect adversely in body ???

👉 Acharyas are well aware of the toxic effects of minerals and metals if used internally therefore they invented intensive and elaborate processing like purification(Shodhan), maran, bhavna, jaran and bhasmikaran using different
herbs, instruments, procedures, temperature and pressure. 🙏

👉 These processing remove physical, chemical and toxic impurities from them. 👍
👉Change there form to soft . ☘️
👉Make them safe for consumption. ☘️
👉 Make them suitable for readily absorb and assimilable by body. ☘️☘️
👉 Increase their effectiveness and decrease toxic effects . 🌷
👉Make them suitable for Deh vada
👉These are difficult and time taking procedures , so compared to herbal medicine ras aushadhi are expensive due to process and use of expensive metals or minerals . 🌷

Even western medicine also try to use them for treatment but failed as they do not use purification procedures as mentioned and used in Ayurveda. 🌷

🤔What are the things used in Ras shastra to make medicines??
👉 Ras, dhatu, ratan(precious stones) and vish.

🤔What precautions should be taken for using them??

👉Use Ras aushadhi only after consultation with vaidhya.
👉Use them for limited time or as suggested by vaidhy with proper adjuant and diet.

🌺Government guidelines and regulations are there to maintain safety of herbo minerals medicines.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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