Health benefits of Moonlight 🌛🌼

👉Today everyone knows the importance of sunlight and its benefit in preventing and treating diseases.👍

👉Similarly moon light is also beneficial in many conditions.😍

👉 Sun, moon and air are guiding forces of nature so they also effects humans. 🌺🌺Pitta, kapha and vata dosha represents these forces respectively in human body as Ayurveda believes what’s is in universe,it is in human body as well.

👉 In India both full moon and no moon days are considered as important days. 🙏

👉Moon is even worshipped and respected in our culture as it is giving so much to humans. 🙏

👉In India we have old tradition of keeping kheer in moonlight on sharad purnima which is consumed next day is said to be good for health, reason being in sharad ritu pitta is aggrated so to balance that rice, milk and sugar Kheer (all of them balance pitta) when consumed after exposure to moonlight become more coolant and pitta balancing. ✅👍

👉Moonlight affects plants, human and nature. It helps in growth and nourishment of all of them. 🌷🌷

👉In Ayurveda it is advised to spend time in moonlight during summer and autumn seasons. ☘️

👉In Ayurveda year is divided into two parts aadan Kal and visarg Kal.

👉In aadan Kal sun is dominant and in visarg Kaal moon is dominant.

👉Visarg means giving, nourishing and supporting.

👉During visarg Kaal, dakshinaayan or souther solstice physical strength , digestive strength and immunity is high .

👉Visarg Kaal includes 3 seasons varsha, hemant and shishir ritu.

👉Moonlight is cool, soothing,comfortable nurturing,divine, protective, guarding, supporting,giving and creating force of nature 🤗😍

🤔How moon bathing is useful for humans??

👉It is good for physical and mental health of human . 🌛🌼
👉 It helps in balancing pitta dosha and improve kapha dosha(constructive force) in body. 🌺🌺
👉It helps in balancing heat and dryness of body. 🌷🌷

👉 Moon influences water elements in our body and our body is 90% water.
👉Moonlight also cools down mind , helps in managing stress and anger.
👉 Improves Immunity.
👉Helps in Stomach, intestine, liver, skin and blood related disorders.
👉It helps in controlling excessive hunger and thirst.
👉Relieves burning sensation.
👉 Helps those with less sleep.
👉 Useful in excessive sweating.
👉Prevent early signs of aging like premature greying of hair, hair fall, wrinkles, joint pain etc.
👉 Helps in relieving Migraine.

👉Reduce inflammation
👉Moon influences and helps in maintaining hormonal balance in women from puberty to menopause

🤔How moonlight effects plants or herbs??

Just like humans plants also effected positively by moon.
👉Moon is the ruler of plants and guardian of North that is why herbs grows in Himalayan region is considered as best of quality .😍☘️

👉Herbs are collected in Pushya nakshatra and mriga nakshatra when moon being ruler of these nakshatra transfer it energy to herbs.
👉Cool poteny herbs are collected in visarg Kaal when moon transfer its nourishing energy or rasa maximum in plants.

🤔How to use moonlight?
👉Spend time by walking and meditation under Moonlight
👉Keep water in moonlight and drink in morning.

🌼🙏What a great science Ayurveda is, which explains importance and use of every aspect of nature.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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