Mango – Best thing about summer 😍

🥭We all love mango that is why it is called aam in hindi mango is also refer as king of fruits due to it nutritional value. 😍

🥭It has many synonyms in sanskrit like aamra,stripriya,rasala,madhuphala etc .🌺🌺
🥭Almost all the parts of mango tree is used in ayurveda for different purposes.👍🌷🌷

🤔What are the properties of mangoes? 🌼

🥭Ripe mango has dominant sweet taste and little astringent taste.🥰

🥭 It balance vata and pitta , increase kapha. 🌷🌷

🥭 It is Cold in potency, generally people think it is hot in nature. 🌺

🤔What are the health benefits of mango??

🥭Mango is extremely good fruit for summer due to its vata and pitta balancing action ,as vata and pitta aggravated in summer and kapha get depleted which is also increase by mango. 🌼🌼

🥭It helps in controlling excessive thirst.🥵

🥭 It is useful in constipation and bloating.😖

🥭 It increase muscles and strength ,so those who are building muscle in gym mango is tasty and healthy options for them.💪

🥭 Mango also improve immunity.🌼🌼

🥭 It is considered rasayana in ayurveda which means it is a health tonic which improves general health.🌺🌺

🥭 Useful relieving tiredness.🥵

🥭 It is good for skin ,it improves skin complexion,makes skin lustrous by removing skin dryness.😎

🥭 It is good for intestine.🌺🌺

🥭 Mango is also beneficial in bleeding disorders like nose bleeding, excessive flow during menstruation etc.🌺🌺

🥭 Aamra is helpful improving health of women reproductive system,it is used in treating uterus swelling, endometriosis , leucorrhoea, excessive bleeding etc.👩

🥭Mango is good for heart💓

🥭 It is used in treating vata imbalance disorders like neuralgia, paralysis etc.👍🙏

🥭It calm mind.😇

🥭 It improves semen quality and quantity, increase sperm count.☘️☘️

🥭 It is natural improve virility.🌷🌷

🤔What happened by overeating of mango and what to do then?

🥭Excessive consumption of mango cause decrease in digestive fire which leads to indigestion, constipation,gas, fever, pimples etc . 🙄

🤔Mango is cold then why it cause pimples??

🥭Due to its cold nature if taken in excess it lowers digestive fire, increase fat and kapha dosha which will cause pimples.
🥭These side effects can be prevented and treated by taking dry ginger powder in water or sovarchal salt with jeera powder.👍👍
🥭Also have jamun in summer which is opposite in qualities of mango. 👍

🤔What ayurveda say about mango shake?

🥭Generally ayurveda is against using fruit with milk but mango is allowed with milk as it balance vata and pitta , improve appetite , taste and help in gaining weight.🤗
🥭Those with strong digestive fire can have mango shake.
🥭Avoid sour mango with milk.❌

🤔 What are the uses of mango seed?

🥭Yes mango seed and it seed kernel is also very useful in vomiting, diarrhoea, dysentery,IBS , burning sensation. 🌷🌷
🥭After enjoying mango it’s seed can be dried and stored by making its powder.👍

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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