Coriander – know how to use it for detox!!

☘️Coriander is also known as Dhanyak in Sanskrit means which resembles dhan or which is dhany ( rich).

☘️It is most common herb used in Indian kitchen , it has many health benefits. It is commonly known as Dhaniya.

☘️ It is astringent and bitter in taste, light to digest, unctuous and hot in potency.

☘️ It balance all 3 doshas.

🌺Coriander or Dhaniya benefits.

✅It improve digestion, improve taste in food and appetite

✅It relieves diarrhoea due to heat ,gas and acidity.

✅ It relieves bad breath ( chew it leaves or seed).

✅It is used in cough,cold, asthma and sour throat.

✅It is useful in Fever, Thirst, Burning sensation and burning in urine.

✅ It is a Cardiac tonic,it control cholesterol, blood sugar and high blood pressure.

✅ It relieves pain and inflammation in Arthritis

✅Improves memory.

🤔How to use it?
It’s, whole plant, leave and seed are useful .

👉Dhanyak hima-Soak 10 gm of crushed coriander seeds in 60 ml of water, leave it overnight ,in morning filter it, add little sugar or mishri and drink empty stomach.
🌼This drink is mentioned in Ayurveda as best to remove excess heat from body, relieves excessive thirst,dry mouth, burning sensation , cleanse all body ( detox drink), should use it in Summer or just before winter as this is time of Pitta, can have it for 6 -8 weeks.

❄️Dhanyak hima can be used to gargle in mouth ulcer.

👉Nose bleeding – drink coriander tea, Appy paste of its leave on forehead ,inhale fresh aroma of its leaves.
👉Indigestion – 2 part dhaniya+ 1 part shunthi boil in water ,have this decoction after food.
👉For cough and water is good d cold in children – daniya + sugar with rice water.

👉Add 2-3 gm powder of coriander in sabji or consume its powder with water or have its overnight soaked water.

👉 Its leaves can be used as chutney.

👉Leaves paste can be applied locally in headache, burning eyes, burning of foot and palm.

👉 Coriander decoction – boil it with water, filter and drink whole day, in place of normal water in case of excess body heat, burning, bleeding conditions, leucorrhoea, nausea and palpitation for 3-4 days .

👉It’s water can be used to wash eyes in case of burning and redness of eyes due overuse.

👉 It’s powder can be boiled with milk and water till only milk remains, this drink is good for weakness.

No wonder due to so many health benefits of coriander it is included in our daily food by our intelligent ancestors .

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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