Sattu – Ayurvedic and tradition drink for summer.


Drink for weight loss, engery and cooling.

🌷Sattu is very famous and traditional drink of many North Indian states.

🌷It’s reference is there in charak samhita.

🌷Sattu is a great drink for summer season.

🌷It is also useful in many disorders.
🌷It can be used during traveling.

🌷Sattu is light to digest, dry and cold in nature.
🌷It is a tasty and easy to make recipe.

🌷In place of cold drinks and ice cream one should use sattu drink to quench thirst and for energy in summer.

🤔What are the health benefits of sattu??

🌷It’s a health tonic, it improves overall health.
🌷It is good for eyes, in summer when dryness, burning, redness and itching of eyes happens due to extreme heat in this condition sattu gives great relief.
🌷It is good for throat and useful in throat related problems.
🌷It relieves weakness and gives instant energy.
🌷It helps in curing vomiting in summer.
🌷It relieves tiredness caused due to exertion, exercise and sometimes without doing anything.
🌷It relieves less or excessive hunger.

🌷It fastens wound healing.
🌷It gives satisfaction.

🤔How to make sattu powder??

👉It can be easily made at home

🌼It can be made from different ingredients like Jau, wheat, chana,laja, kulthi etc.
🌼Wash the grains properly, soak them for few hours, then dry them properly under sun.
🌼Then dry roast them
🌼Then crush them into powder in chakki
🌼 One or more dry roasted flour can be used to make drink.

👉Prepared sattu powders are also easily available in market

🤔How to make a drink using sattu powder?

👉It can be made sweet or salty according to taste. In summer sweet sattu drink gives instant energy.

🌷Salted sattu – take sattu powder, add little amount of cold earthen pot water to make smooth paste then add more water add rock salt, Kala namak, roasted jeera, lemon juice and mint leaves in this, avoid green chillies as they are not good in summer.
🌷Sweet sattu – in sattu powder add cold water, then add mishri or jaggery, cardamom and roasted jeera.
🌷Use cold water from earthen pot to make it.
🌷 Keep consistency of drink as per your choice and taste.
👉In diabetes, hypothyroidism, pcod, obesity and skin diseases use jau sattu.
👉Those who want to have strong body can have wheat, chana and jau mixed sattu.

🌻There are few things to remember before using sattu

👉It should not be consumed in night.
👉Water should not be consumed before and immediately after having sattu.
👉Avoid drinking water in between sattu drink.
👉It should not be consumed more then twice in a day.
👉Avoid it immediately after food.
👉Person with very dry skin and extremely lean body should add ghee in sattu drink.
👉In high uric acid condition avoid chana sattu.
👉Sattu drink in water is better than it taking its powder directly or in kneading in flour .

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