🌼Rasala or shrikhand- tasty and healthy dessert for summers!!

✅Its reference is available in charak samhita and also in Mahabharat .👍
✅ Bheem prepared this desert for Shri krishna.🙏
✅It is ancient recipe used to relish on auspicious days.🌅

✅It is a great desert for spring and summer.🌸

✅It’s not only tasty but also good for health.👍

✅Today when in the name of dessert or for celebration we only think about cakes which is not at all good for health, try this ancient delicious recipe to make celebration actually happy and not a burden on health.🙄

✅Have this dessert in place of ice-cream.🙏

✅Readymade Shrikhand also available in market but they are not prepared by following proper procedures so they are not good for health.🌸🌸

👉It is sweet, creamy, heavy, unctuous and cold in nature.😋
👉It balances vata and pitta dosha.
👉It increases kapha dosha which is depleted in summer.🌻🌻
👉Summer and spring is best time to have it.☘️☘️☘️

What are the health benefits of shrikhand?? 🤔

🌷It is useful in vata pitta disorders.
🌷It is good for consumption for vata pitta body type person.
🌷 It is useful in bleeding disorders.
Bleeding is common in summer due to extreme heat.
🌷 It gives energy which is low in summer.
🌷It increases strength of body.
🌷It improves immunity.
🌷It is nutritive
🌷It relieves thirst and burning sensation
🌷 It is very effective in conditions of sinusitis, cold and rhinitis.
🌷 It act as appetizer.
🌷It is good for those with extremely dry skin.
🌷 It is useful for extremely thin and weak person.
🌷 It prevents dehydration.
🌷 It relieves lethargy in summer.
🌷 It is useful in treatment of Emaciation, numbness, muscular dystrophy and neuritis.

🌷It is aphrodisiac.
🌷 Curd consumption is suggested to avoid in summer but shrikhand can be consumed as it do not cause mucous formation.
🌷 It is for those who do heavy work.
🌷It is good for skin, make skin glowing and improve complexion.

😋How to make shrikhand??

🌼Ingredients required –
🌷Homemade curd , mishri, honey, ghee, nutmeg, tejpatra, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, dry ginger powder and clove.
🌷Saffron and dry fruits can also be added if you like.


  • Hung homemade curd in muslin cloth for 2-3 hours.
    Remove solid curd from cloth and whisk it for few minutes using whiskar
    Then add powered mishri, honey, ghee and other powdered spices.

Shrikhand is ready it can be eaten directly or with roti.

2-3 tablespoon

👉Avoid sour curd in making shrikhand .
👉Avoid its consumption in large quantity.
👉Avoid it in vasant ritu.
👉Diabetic person, obese and in asthmatic conditions it should be avoided.
👉 Avoid it in swelling.

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