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🤔Why health of earth is important for human health???

यत् ब्रह्मांडे तत् पिंडे

👉Human body is miniature representation of nature what is there in nature that is also present in human body in small form.👍🌱

👉What activities goes in nature similar functions also occurs in body.🌷

👉Like air, sun and moon govern nature similarly vata, Pitta and kapha govern body.🌀🌛🌞

👉Like every thing on earth is made of 5 elements human being is also made of 5 elements.🌏

👉Like universe originate, grow, sustain, get old and destroyed similarly human body also formed, grow, sustain, get old and died.👶🧒👨👴🌼

👉Like universe changes from satyug, tretayug, dwaparyug, kalyug and yugant human body also undergo changes from childhood, youth, adulthood, disease and to death.🌹

👉So there is deep relationship between nature and human body.🌻

👉If there is balance in nature, human body also stay in balance but when nature gets imbalanced due to various human activities it definitely effects human body present corona pandemic is its example.☀️

👉Following Ayurvedic principles are not only good for us but it is good for nature also as Ayurveda is very much nature centered. 🌱

👉Ayurveda suggest to follow nature and care for nature. 🌻🌱

👉Knowledge of the environment is used in Ayurveda for maintaining health, diagnosis and treatment of disease.🌺

👉 Today’s modern health care system is very advanced and developed but it is not in sync with nature. 🧐

👉We cannot be healthy until the pollution and exploitation of nature stops.🌱
👉We cannot stay healthy if our mother earth is sick. 🌏

🌻Adopt Ayurvedic way of living ,save earth and save human.👍🙏

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