Is fever our enemy and it should be bring down anyhow??

🌱Fever is a condition when temperatures of body increase from its normal range due to various reasons.

🌱Mostly people get scared when fever appears but it is just a symptom of main problem .

✅Fever is produced due to body defense mechanism, it’s a  natural immune response of body. 

✅When the body comes in contact with any virus or bacteria and there are favorable conditions in your body, then it starts  effecting the  body and as a result defence  reaction starts in the body to fight against it, which results in fever. ️

✅An increase in the normal body temperature helps to increase the activity and number of WBCs. The production of antibodies increases as well as the increased temperature directly helps to kill the virus or bacteria or inhibit the growth of microbes as these micro-organisms can only tolerate a narrow range of temperatures and cannot thrive in high temperatures.

✅Actually fever is not your enemy but a friend who is fighting with your enemy for you.

🤔So one should not take antipyretic drugs??

👉It’s a general perception that  paracetamol is most safe drug and can be take by all in fever but it is not true.
Many people take this drug in even mild fever and to the worst to prevent fever. ☀️☀️

👉Pcm or other antipyretic artificially suppress fever.
👉They  prevent body to fight from microbes.
👉They prolong the illness. ☘️☘️
👉After effects of fever will stay for longer. ☘️☘️
👉They effects liver negatively.

👉There is no human trial of pcm to prove its efficiency in viral fever. 
It increases oxidative stress which effect negatively in healing. ☀️

👉In hurry to suppress fever we actually damaging body and prolong the disease

👉You can also understand this by an example like  if a thief entered in  your house and your dog started barking and instead of catching the  thief you started beating your own dog for barking .

👉It is also not that if you do not take anti-fever medicine then your fever will go beyond the uncontrollable level. The system of the body is very intelligent, it only raises the temperature according to the micro-organism. ✅

🤔What about Ayurvedic  medicines ??

👉Fever is not artificially reduced in Ayurveda.

👉Ayurvedic medicines help in reducing fever by removing the cause of fever , increase the body’s immunity and does not inhibit the battle of body against virus or bacteria .

👉Ayurvedic medicines work for fever by balancing the digestive fire, balancing the imbalanced doshas and removing toxins .

👉Ayurvedic medicines are rich in antioxidants so they  do not
effect adversely  on the body.

👉Along with treatment in Ayurveda, information is given about diet and lifestyle , due to which the patient recovers quickly and the side effects after fever are avoided.
👉Therefore, if the fever is not brought down artificially and the body is helped to fight the infection, it can kill the disease causing microbe itself.

👉Not fever but medicines given to reduce fever do more harm to the body.✅

🌺🌺 If there is fever then definitely take Ayurvedic treatment.🌺🌺

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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