Sabudana health benefits

🌷This white round pearls are pure carbohydrates they are low in fiber and protein.

🌷They also contain small amount of calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins .

🌷Starch which is extracted from stem of sago palm or from roots of topiaco goes through processing to make white round pearls.

🌷They are consumed in many parts of world.

🌷They are gluten free.

🌼Uses of sabudana

✅It easy to digest.Useful in weak digestion ,constipation and bloating.

✅It is good for muscle growth and muscle strength.

✅Good for bones.

✅It helps in improving weight.

✅Good to use in Acidity.

✅It is used in controlling body heat and burning sensation.

✅It is useful in headaches, vertigo and migraine due to heat.

✅ Good option for Children.

🤔Why are they consumed during fasting??
👉They gives instant energy
👉Light to digest
👉Satvic in nature
👉Regulate acid produced in stomach during fasting
👉When cooked with other ingredients like in kheer it is cooked with milk and in khichdi ghee, peanuts are added they increase its nutritional value.

🧐How to test its purity??

✅It is generally adulterated with talcum and sand. To test its purity burn it in open air if it is pure it swell and burn without leaving any residue and if it is adulterated appreciable amount of ash will left behind.
✅ Chew sabudana if it gives gritty feeling then it is adulterated.
Many times harmful chemicals are used for bleaching and processing it into white pearls.

🤔How to use them??

👉Khichdi, kheer, vada, thalipeth, papad, pancake can be made using sabudana.
👉Good option for breakfast
👉It should be consumed in moderation.

When to avoid it??
In obesity, diabetes and pcod.

Note-They should be soaked and cooked properly.

  • There is no reference of saboodana in ayurvedic texts.

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