Ayurveda recommends rock salt to use in daily cooking!!

🌺Saindhav Lavan or rock salt is one of the 5 type of salt which ayurveda indicates but it is best among all as it is pacify all three Dosha vata pitta and kapha which is rare with salt. 👌

🌺It is among the few substances which ayurveda suggest to use daily.💯

🌺It is salty in taste but also slightly sweet. 🤗

🌺It is cold in potency usually salt is hot in potency so it is different from regular salt. 🙏

🌺Light to digest and also make food easy to digest. 👍

🌺Salt usually increase pitta but rock salt helps to balance pitta Dosha. ☺️

🌺It improve taste in food ,increase digestive strength, improve appetite, relieves constipation and bloating. 😅

🌺It control sugar cravings. 💁‍♀️

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🌺It is rich in minerals and yes it also contain iodine in small amount. 😎

🌺It does not cause burning infact soothes heartburn. 👌👌

🌺It relieve chest congestion , dissolve and expel sputum- apply sesame oil +salt on chest and back before bath . ✅

🌺It is useful in sinusitis. 😍

🌺It is good for eyes. 😀

🌺It is good for heart. ❤️

🌺It is useful in hiccups-sip water mix with rock salt . 👍

🌺It relax mind and body. 😇

🌺It is useful in Anemia. 🌻

🌺It strengthen bone. 🦴

🌺It remove stored fat cell so useful in obesity. 🌹

🌺It works as teeth whitener.

🌺Drinking small amount of rock salt in water give quick relief muscle cramps. 👌

🌺Gargling with rock salt in warm water give relieve in throat pain, throat swelling,dry cough, tonsillitis and remove bad breath. 🤩

🌺It give relieve in join stiffness , used in many ayurvedic oils and medicine. 👍

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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