Aliv seeds to increase height of children!

Chandrashoor, halim or aliv seeds (Garden cress)

🌷Chandrashoor seeds are used in ayurveda in many conditions.
Other than seeds its leaves are also useful.

🌷This nutritional seeds are bitter and pungent in taste.
Dry and piercing in nature.
Hot in potency.
Balance vata and kapha dosha.

🌷Benefits of chandrashoor seeds

👉It act as Appetizer, helps in digestion of food.

👉Used in Diarrhea, dysentery and stomach ache due to Indigestion.

👉It is a Natural pain killer useful in joints and muscle pain.

👉It improves Strength and immunity of body.

👉It Increase urine outflow as it is diuretic in nature.

👉It is useful in Inflammatory conditions.

👉It is considered as Rasayan, which means it nourishes all the body tissues, remove waste from body and prevent early signs of aging.

👉It is good for Liver.

👉It is given to new mothers as it increase breast milk production and also gives strength after delivery.

👉It is extremely useful for bones it improves bone density, used in Gout, Rheumatoid arthritis and in healing fracture.

👉It is good for Skin health and used in treatment of skin diseases .
👉It is used in Eyes disorders.
👉It is good for hair growth.
👉Its decoction is used to treat Hiccups.

👉It is used Anemia.
👉It is good for Diabetic person.
👉It helps in Children’sgrowth and in improving their height if given before 16 years of age.

👉Used in Intestinal worms.

👉Include it in diet in Hypothyroidism
👉It helps in maintaining Blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

👉 It improves sperm quality and quantity.

👉 It used in Leucorrhoea, amenorrhea and other menstrual disorders. It improves blood flow to pelvic area and uterus.

How to use it??

✅3-6 gram powder can be taken.
✅Its Ladoo or khir can be made to give children.
✅It’s Decoction can be taken.
✅It’s paste is applied locally in pain and swelling on joints .

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