Know Ayurvedic ways of cooking rice in different health conditions.

👉In ayurveda Shashtik rice ( rice which grows in 60 days) are suggested to use in daily diet.

Here are few important things which should be followed for cooking rice

👉Always cook rice🍚 in open vessel remove excess water after cooking,in this way it will not increase weight and suitable for consumption by everyone.✅

👉 Use aged rice ( 1 year old)✅

👉 Wash rice properly. This Rice washed water is good for plants and it can also used to wash face as it moisturize skin . ✅

👉 Avoid pressure cooker for cooking rice.❎

👉 Use rice 1 part and water 10 parts ✅

👉Remove mand or rice water. ✅

👉 Cook them properly.✅

👉To make them more light dry roast them before cooking. This roasted rice used in throat disorders, anorexia, Indigestion and obesity.🌞

👉Boiled rice when washed with hot water several times it becomes more light to digest, this rice is used in urinary disorders, kidney stones and vata disorders. ✅

👉Cooking rice without draining water is heavy to digest, nutritive used in emaciation. 🌱

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👉Cooked rice when used next day it causes increases fat tissues and phlegm in body which leads to weight gain and respiratory disorders. 🌺

👉Rice cooked with vegetables helps in weight loss. ✅

👉Rice cooked with Green gram used in Pitta disorders like burning sensation, bleeding disorders etc. ✅

👉Rice cooked with Urad daal – aphrodisiac, heavy and used in vata disorders. ☘️

👉When cooked with fish it increases all three doshas, deplete digestive fire, block body channels and causes skin problems. 🐟

👉Rice Cooked with meat soup is useful in emaciation and neuromuscular disorders.

👉In Piles use rice cooked with buttermilk. 🌻

👉In Worms infestation and breathless have rice cooked with kulathi.

🌷Process of cooking is very important, it can entirely change properties of food, so rice cooked according to your requirement will help in maintaining health and treatment of disease.

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