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Moringa or shigru is packed with nutrients!!

🌿Drumstick, moringa or shigru has multiple health benefits, it is used in Indian cooking from long time .Its leaves has more vitamin A then Carrot😳,more calcium then milk,more iron then spinach and more potassium then banana😀 so it is logical to use it in diet either fresh or dried .It is a must tree for your garden.

🌸Ayurvedic properties

🌳It is katu,tikta(astringent, bitter) in taste.

🌳Laghu(light to digest)

🌳Roksha(dry) teekshna(piercing)
🌳Hot potency


🌳Balance vata and kapha

🌸Part used
Fruit, leaves, flower and bark.

🌸Health benefits

🌷It is full of nutrients , vitamins ( B,C,A), minerals ( copper, zinc, magnesium,iron, calcium, potassium,selenium, phosphorus) essential amino acid.

🌷It improve digestion and taste in food. 😋
🌷 It is alkaline in nature. 👌
🌷 Useful in diarrhoea.
🌷Good for heart💓, lower cholesterol levels and useful in high blood pressure.
🌷Leaves decoction is useful in painful menstruation, backache and pimples. 👩
🌷In Bloating and low appetite it’s flower should be consumed.
🌷It is very beneficial in liver, pancreas and spleen diseases. 👌
🌷It improves Eyesight. 👀
🌷 Aphrodisiac, increase sperm count and quality.
🌷It strengthen bone🦴 , joints and teeth. 💪🦷
🌷 It is a natural painkiller💊, used in joint pain( use leave juice and apply it’s paste locally) and it’s tablets can be taken.
🌷Useful in gout and cramps. 👍
🌷Good for skin. 😎
🌷 In headache use leaves internally and apply paste externally.
🌷It reduces jaw stiffness.
🌷 Prevent growth of tumor.
🌷 It cures excess acidity of urine, increase urine excretion and helps in removing kidney stones.
🌷 As it is full of nutrition it should be used in pregnancy. 🤰

🤔How to use it??

🌿Include fresh leaves and pod in food or it’s leaves can be shade dried and powdered, this powder can be mix in any sabji.

🌿Flower can be used in salad or can be used by Cooking them with some salt.

🌿 kada ( decoction) of its pod or leave – add one chopped pod or handful of leaves in 2 cup of water and boil it until it remains half filter this and drink lukewarm.

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