🤔What to do to stay healthy lf you work during Night shifts??

Working in night effect adversely on health

🌺Sleep is one of the pillar for good health, as per ayurveda only night sleep is natural and conducive for health.

🌺Sleep hours is not important but sleeping time is important as per Ayurveda as only night sleep is relaxing, rejuvenating and healing.

🌺But some people have to sacrifice their night sleep due to their jobs like hospital staff, watchman, pilots, police, security forces personnel and IT professionals.

🌺There are some people who are not working in night due to compulsion but they don’t feel like sleeping early and call themselves night people. They by choice like to work, study or watch screen in night but actually they are harming themselves.

🌺Working in night is not natural for humans as humans are diurnal mammals, so doing things against nature will definitely effect adversely on body and mind.

🌺In today’s time people do understand importance of sleep but timing of sleep is more important to understand and follow.

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🌺For those working in night is unavoidable they should practice few things to minimize ill effects of night shifts.

🤔What are the ill effects ffects of night shifts??

👉Disturbed body’s natural clock.
👉Disturbed sleep, diet and activities pattern.

👉Risk of Diabetes, hypertension,obesity, pcod,heart diseases, high cholesterol, depression, gestro Intestinal problems like constipation, Gas, IBS, ulcer and acidity are high in them.

👉They suffer from body ache, joint pain, muscle pain and headache.

👉Aging signs appears early in them.

👉Hair fall and greying of hair.

👉 Dry skin.

👉They feel tired most of the time.

👉Lack of concentration, confusion, irritation and increased anger.

👉Mental stress is common.

👉Family sickness is also common as they are not able to spend much time with family.

🤔What should they do to protect themselves?

✅First those who can avoid working in night must avoid it.

✅They should follow fix time of sleep, food and other activities.

Follow below mentioned suggestions

✅Must include Ghee in diet.

❌Avoid excessive tea, coffee and cold drinks during working in night shift .

❌Avoid Junk food during night shift.

❌Avoid cold things.

✅Eat less spicy home cooked food with little ghee before going to night shift and carry some home cooked food to eat during night shift.

✅Eat light but not dry food

✅Include Raisin, anjeer, Amla, almond, kaju, Dates, moong daal ,Parwal, coriander, ginger,black pepper, cardamom, Honey and rock salt in diet.

✅Have Chyawanprash in morning

✅Eat some homemade snacks or dry fruits at 2am.

✅Take sleep in morning between 6-10 am as it is kapha time which helps in better sleep.

✅ Take light breakfast before sleeping .

✅Do regular head massage with Ayurvedic oils.

✅ Apply medicated oil or ghee in nostrils.

✅ Do full body massage with Ayurvedic oil before warm water bath , avoid extremely cold water for bath.
Consult Ayurvedic doctor to know which oil is best for you.

✅Take Ayurvedic abhyangam and swedan at Ayurvedic hospital at least once in 15 days or in a month.

✅Ayurvedic therapies like Shirodhara, basti, nasya and oral medication are extremely helpful if taken regularly to control aggravated vata .

✅Have good rest in daytime in a room as dark as possible.

✅Do regular Yoga and pranayam.

✅Follow fix routine of sleep and food.

✅Spend time in nature.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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