Know effects of sour taste on body and which is most safe sour taste food

☘️Amla rasa (Sour taste)

🌺There are six types of taste ( sweet, sour, Salt, Bitter, astringent and pungent) all effects body and mind differently that is why as per ayurveda balanced diet is combination of all 6 rasa.

👉Sour taste is dominant in earth and fire elements.🔥

👉It pacify vata, increases pitta and kapha dosha.👍

👉It is light to digest, unctuous, cold in touch and hot in potency .👍

👉It causes tingling sensation in teeth,excite tongue, causes horripilation and closing of eyes. ☺️

👉In environment sour taste is dominant in rainy season. 🌧️

👉Sour things should be eaten in early part of meal.

🌻Effects of sour taste

✅It cleanse oral cavity, remove coating from tongue and also sweet or bitter taste of mouth 😃

✅It improves taste in food. 😋

✅Increases salivation.

✅It improves digestion by increasing internal organs secretion.🙂

✅Remove undigested food from body.

✅Vatanuloman – It remove excess of vayu ( flatus) through downward movement.

✅Improve movement of fluid and substance in body channels, remove blockages. ☀️

✅It nourishes body and increase strength of body. 😎

✅Good for heart. 💖

✅Good for sense organs. 👀

✅satisfied mind. 🧠

✅Promotes liver function, increase bile flow thus helps in fat metabolism. 👍

✅It induce sweating 😅
✅It increases urine formation.

What happens when taken it in excess??🤔❓

🔥It causes burning sensation in throat and chest.
🌺It causes bleeding disorders like bleeding from nose and anus.
🌼Skin problems like itching and rashes, it should avoided in skin diseases.

🌻It causes and worsen Inflammation.

☘️Causes pus formation in wounds
🌿Excessive thirst.
🌷Looseness in body, weakness, Pale skin, Giddiness, fever and diarrhea.
🙄Harmful for Eyes
🌼Diminish quality and quantity of semen and sperm.

What are the examples of sour things?? ❓❓

👉 Citrus fruits like orange, lime, sweet lime, Kokam, amla, tamarind, pomegranate, unripe, mango etc

👉Fermentated things
👉Curd and buttermilk

🌷Most safe, beneficial for all in all conditions sour substances are Pomegranate and amla ( Indian gooseberry)

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