Use Ayurvedic Anjan or collyrium to protect eyes.

👉 Applying Anjan or medicated kajal is part of Ayurvedic Daily routine. 👍

👉It should be apply daily after cleaning teeth. ✅

👉Applying kajal is not just for beautification but it is a practice to protect eyes and maintain their functions.

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👉Ayurvedic kajal is not just black ash it’s a combination of herb, decoction,oils etc. ❤️

👉Among 5 sense organs (5 indriyas) eyes are considered as most important in Ayurveda as with them we connect, learn and observe things around us. 😍

👉 With the overuse of computers, mobile, traveling, dust etc eyes are the most affected sense organs so to protect them, using anjan is much more important in these times. 🙏

👉In India it was tradition to use anjan from new born to old age by all genders but now without👶👨👴 understanding its importance and use, people just label it as women thing for beautification. 😳

👉Due to lack of knowledge people stop this practice specially males. 🙄

👉There are 2 types of anjan one is souvir anjan which is mild and should be use on daily basis, other is rasanjan which should be used in once in a week or once in 15 days.

👉Eyes are place of agni or pitta, to balance that soothing anjan are used.

👉Sometimes dosha specially kapha accumulate their then teekshan or strong anjan are used.

👉Anjan application is important part of Ayurvedic ophthalmology many eye disorders can be cured using it. 🤩

👉 In place of normal kajal use Ayurvedic anjan which is along with making eyes beautiful 🥰and attractive has soothing, strengthening, cleaning and protective effect on eyes . 🌺

👉 If you do not want to use black anjan then to know what other things you can apply contact with Vaidhya near you. 👍

👉 Avoid using smudge proof kajal.

Note- Avoid use of anjan in conditions of fear, anger, severe headache, crying and after use of alcohol.

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