Amazing uses of Cumin seeds!

Jeera or Cumin seed.

👉Jeera got its name form Sanskrit word Jeerna which means one who digest.

👉It is commonly used in regular Indian cooking due its taste aroma but you will be surprised to know its health benefits.

👉It is pungent (katu) in taste.
Dry, light and hot in nature.

👉 It balance vata and kapha, if taken in excess it increases pitta in body.

👉It is good source of iron , enzymes, vitamin B6,Vitamin E,niacin and riboflavin.

👉Black jeera is more beneficial.

🌺Benefits of jeera

✅It stimulate taste buds, promote saliva secretions, bile secretion and other enzymes.

✅It improve digestive strength ,treat digestive issues , help in relieving bloating,diarrhea and it also has anti spasmodic action.

✅ Improve intelligence and good for brain.
✅ Cleanses uterus and improve lactation so it should be must use after delivery.

✅Improves immunity.

✅Good for eyes.

✅ Reduce body fat help in weight loss- have its decoction or 1tablespoon of roasted jeera with honey twice daily.

✅Regulate Sleep cycle.

✅ Useful in cough and cold act as expectorant.

✅Researches says it help fight cancer and reduce tumor size.

✅ Good for skin improve skin tone and texture also due to its antifungal property prevent skin infections.

✅ Increase sperm count in male.

✅ Improve kidney function.

How to use Jeera?

Use it in regular diet in healthy condition and it any disease condition it can be taken in powder form or its decoction can be taken.

✅4 part roasted jeera + 2 part dry ginger + 1 part rock salt powdered this mix – take 1/2 spoon of this before meal – reduces bloating , flatus,colic pain and burping.

✅20 gm roasted jeera add in 200 ml hot water cool it down, filter and drink – useful in gastric problem safe to use in children
✅Menstrual pain – 50 gm roasted jeera + 20 gm jaggery make 5gm ball of this mix and take 2-3 days before starting of periods continue 2-3 days after periods
✅Cough – 2gm jeera + 2gm mishri kept in mouth for 3-4 minutes then slowly swallowed can repeat 4-5 times a day it help in expectorant cough.

✅Diarrhea – have roasted jeera with curd.

✅Jeera water – 1 tablespoon roasted jeera + 2 cups of water – boil to reduce half then filter it.This water can be drink to get all the above mentioned benefits of Cumin .

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

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