Ayurvedic postnatal care(sutika paricharya)

🌷Ancient Ayurvedic acharyas are well aware of the importance of care of new mother as after delivery she becomes very weak, sensitivity ,tired and susceptible to infections . 🤰

🌷Ayurveda provide detailed guidance about diet and activities that should be followed by new mother, postpartum care is called sutika paricharya in ayurveda. ☺️

🌷 Intial 45 days are sutika Kala.

🌷Aim of postpartum care is to normalise 🌀vata Dosha, balanced digestive fire🔥, provide good quality and quantity of breast milk and prevent complications.👍❤️

🌷Postpartum phase can be divided into three parts

👉 Initial one week after delivery

👉First 45 days

👉 Until reappearance of menstrual cycle

🌷During this time uterus start to moving back to its normal size and position, muscle, tendons and ligaments start to regain there strength. 😊

🌷Vata Dosha increased immensely after delivery , digestive strength is low and immunity is also less so mother require special care.

🌷 lactation begin and mother is also going through many emotion during this time.🤗

🌷 New mother should take proper rest in clean, quiet,warm and cosy room. This new phase of life is exciting as well as tiring she should adjust her sleep with baby’s sleeping time .👶

🌷 Breastfeeding👍 is good for both mother and baby it not only gives enough nutrition and immunity but also helps mother to bond with baby and it also helps her in losing pregnancy weight easily.To improve quality and quantity of breast milk she should have simple, nutritional diet and herbs like Shatavari, Mulethi, fennel, Karela etc which improve milk quality and quantity. 🌻

🌷 New mother should only have warm, freshly cooked🍲 and light food.She should avoid heavy, spicy ,cold,raw and dry food.She should eat 5 times in a day.✅

🌷 First day after delivery liquid diet like Moong dal with jeera ghee ,small quantity of rice cooked with more water when cooked properly add salt ,turmeric , black pepper and little ghee it should be liquid in consistence. Slowly other food should be add as she gaining digestive strength.☑️

🌷Porridge of wheat,rice cooked with water or milk to be taken it can be made sweet or salty.✅

🌷Slowly vegetables should be included mostly easy to digest vegetables like lauki,turai etc✅

🌷 Warm milk should be taken 2-3 times. Water also taken in adequate quantity.

🌷 Fenugreek, Turmeric, Ginger powder, fennel, cumin, mulethi,Ajwain,coriander should be included in diet.☘️🌿

🌷Water boiled with cumin, fennel, Ajwain can be taken.🌼

🌷Ladoo with edible gondh,ginger powder, shatavari, Ashwagandha, cardamom,Pippali should be taken.

🌷 Massage– soon after normal delivery massage should be given to new mother with vata pacifying oils like balashwagandhadi oil,ksheerbala oil,dhanvantar oil, mahanarayana oil or with sesame oil as it gives strength to ligament, muscle, tendon, joints , relieves pain and dryness due to vata.After oil massage hot water bath should be taken. In case of C section avoid massage on abdomen for 20 days. 🏵️

🌷Panchkol ghrit- ghee mixed with digestive herbs given to strength digestive fire and whole body should be consumed .

🌷 She should avoid excessive physical exertion , heavy exercise for 2-3 months. Light walk is fine.

🌷 Lumber belt should be wrapped around for 4-5 hours it strengthen back , support uterus and ligaments.👍

🌷 Ear should be covered with light scarf.✅

🌷 She should avoid direct exposure to wind.✅

🌷 Special care of sense organs should be taken.Avoid lound sounds, overexertion of eyes, strong smell and going to crowded places.✅

🌷 In case of cracked,dry nipples shatdhaut ghrit can be applied.

🌷 Saubhagyashunthi Pak, dashmoolarishtam,jeerakarishtam, shatavari gulma etc are ayurvedic medicines for new mother which can be taken under Ayurvedic doctor guidance.

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