🌷🌷Rajahsvla paricharya ( diet and lifestyle during menstruation)🌷🌷

🌺Menstruation is normal physiological process which happens every month in healthy women from menarch(onset of menstruation, age 12 years ) to Menopause(cessation of menstrual cycle, age 50 years).👩

🌺Its a very special time so special care should be taken during these days.🌻

🌺In old days when girl menstrate for first time her mother or grandmother used to tell her things which she should avoid during menstruation but now a days all these practices are seen as orthodox, discriminating and unscientific by our modern society.

🌺Although our traditional practices were good for women but people don’t know there importance and reason so they just force women to follow them.

🌺So either woman follow them unwilling or they just defy all the rules.

🌺So correct knowledge of menstrual practices is must for every girl, woman, family and society.

🤔What is menstruation or rajahstrav?
👉Menstruation is known as rajahstrav in Ayurveda there are 2 meanings of rajah one is blood and other is rajsik guna. 🌷

👉Menstruation is a natural monthly cleansing or detox process of women where blood, uterus lining and vaginal secretions flow out of vagina in absence of conception . 🌷
👉In this process excessive rajsik energy also removed from women therefore it is not only physical but mental cleansing process for women, for the same reason she is not allowed in satvic rituals or ceremonies during rajahstrav . 🌷

🤔Which dosha is involved in menstruation?
👉All threee dosha play a role in whole menstruation cycle at different stages. Menstrual flow(rajahstrav) is dominated by vata, follicular phase(ritu Kala) dominated by kapha and secretery (ritu vyateet Kala) phase by pitta. 🌷

🤔Why to follow menstrual rules?

👉Dosha easily get imbalanced and that effects women overall health and reproductive health. 🌷

👉It effects health of her progeny they may have low strength, stamina and immunity . 🌷
👉Chances of abnormalities in foetus is high. 🌷
👉Risk of infertility and miscarriage increases. 🌷
👉Risk of hormonal imbalance and related health issues like pcod, diabetes, obesity, malignancy etc increases. 🌷

🤔Is pain, cramps, improper flow, is normal during menstruation?

🤔What normal menstruation is like ?
👉Normal menstruation is which comes every month in 28 or 30 days without pain and cramps,flow for 3-5 days in quantity of 4 ounce, colour of blood is like jeguirity, lotus flower or rabbit blood and is not contaminated by dosha
👉Normal menstrual blood do not stain the cloth.
👉 It balance dosha in body.

🤔What are menstrual abnormalities?
👉Pain, cramps, low backache during menstruation
👉Scanty or heavy flow
👉Flow for less or more day
👉Anxiety, stress, mood swings, headache, anger, constipation, nausea, vomiting etc before or during menstruation.

✅As soon as you notice any abnormalities during menstruation must consult Ayurvedic doctor to control dosha imbalance at earliest.

🤔What are Do’s and don’ts during menstruation as per Ayurveda

👉All the rules suggested in Ayurveda are to balance dosha (physical and mental dosha) and digestive fire.

Lifestyle related rules

✅Rest is the most important during menstruation it is the time for physical and mental rest, now a days girls are being taught that there is no need to stop for periods just use good quality sanitary napkins and do whatever you want to do like excercise, playing games, long travel etc but all these activities increase vata and cause issues like pain, cramps, headache, anxiety, mood swings, joint pain etc . So families and companies where women works should give break to women for 3 days from her work.

❌Avoid excessive talk, loud talk and laughing loudly.
❌Avoid sleeping in daytime.
❌Avoid exposure to strong wind and light.
❌Avoid detox therapies.
❌Avoid late nights.
❌Avoid Suppression of natural urges.
❌Avoid sexual activity and follow celebacy.
❌Avoid bathing, massage, using anointments,cutting nail,nasya and use of collyrium.
❌Avoid weeping, crying.
❌Avoid excessive television and mobile use
✅Do meditation, pranayam
✅Sleep on darbh and kusha mat.

✅At 4 the day take bath from head.

🌼Diet related rules

✅Have light, fresh and warm food

✅Eat less as digestive fire is low during this time.
✅Include ghee in diet as it helps in balancing vayu and helps in smooth flow.
✅Have Rice , barley, moong daal and milk in this time.
✅Barley porridge, green moong dal soup is very good

✅Drink warm water
✅Eat on fix time and when previous meal is digested.
Avoid use of spices and use rock salt in less amount.

❌Avoid junk food, pickles, raw mango, tamarind, spicy, sour, salty fried, meat, extremely cold food and cheese.

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