Must avoid viruddh ahara ( wrong combination food) for good health!!

Combination of two healthy things may not be healthy.

🌺Viruddh ahara( Incompatible food) 🌺

🌷Food or eating practices which are not good for health and causes diseases are virrudh ahara. 🌺

🌷Sometimes even after eating what you think healthy food you suffer from bloating , indigestion , gastritis and other health issues then wrong food combination and practices might be the cause of this .🌺

🌷Everyone should be aware of these wrong food combinations as sometimes what seems healthy to us might not be good for health.🌺

🌷According to ayurveda every food has its rasa(taste),virya( heating or cooling effect in body), vipaka( effect after digestion) so when we combine 2 or more things these properties should be kept in mind like if you eat combination of two things which are hot in nature then they can increase pitta dosha in body which leads to burning sensation, gastritis, diarrhea etc.🌺

🌷Here are few combinations Ayurveda suggest to avoid-

👉Honey and ghee in equal quantity. 🌻

👉Heating of curd or buttermilk (most of the today’s quick snacks we use curd in cooking) 🌻


👉Heating honey( wrong processing) should be avoided add honey after cooling down drink or food you want to add it in.🌻

👉Avoid curd in night, buttermilk can be taken ( wrong time combination)🌻

👉Excess sweet in night( both night and sweet increase kapha )🌻

👉 Pork , Buffalo meat ,fish and sea food with black gram,honey,milk,radish, sesame seed and sprouts. 🌻

👉Having cold drinks with food. 🌻

👉Having tea, coffee, ice-cream, milk and sweets after food. 🌿

👉Having extremely cold and hot food together ( fried icecream). 🌿

👉Cold drink with ice cream. ☘️

👉 Cold water after ghee or things prepared with ghee.

👉Over cooking and under cooking of food . ☘️

👉Salt or sour things with tea, coffee or milk. 🌳

👉Excessive consumption of one ras or taste like eating only or in excess sweet, spicy, salty, sour, pungent and astringent taste. 🌳

👉Eating thing which do not grow in your desha or region for example using olive or canola oils in India. 🏵️

👉 Using non seasonal fruits and vegetables. 🏵️

👉Not eating not as per age and health conditions. 🌸

👉Meat of dove cooked in mustard oil with honey and milk. 🌸

👉 Avoid milk immediately after radish ,garlic,tulsi etc. 🍀

👉 Avoid Milk with sour fruits ( ayurveda suggest to eat fruits alone ,no milkshakes, fruit custard, fruits with curd etc )🍀

👉Horse gram with milk.🍀

👉Avoid milk with green vegetables. 🍀

👉Do not eat spinach with sesame seed. 🌺

👉 Avoid ghee kept in bronze vessel for few days. 🌺

👉Pippali with fish. 🌴

👉Sprouts with lotus stalk. 🌴

👉 Wrong season combination like eating dry and cold food in winter or hot , pungent food in summer. 🌻

👉Wrong food according to one digestive fire ( strength) like eating heavy food in indigestion or eating light food when digestive strength is maximum. 🌻

👉 Wrong food according to place like excess of alcohol in desert place( pitta imbalance) or excess of meat in marshy place( kapha imbalance)🍁

🤔What happen if we eat incompatible food??

👉It can cause sterility, blindness, bloating, swelling, anemia,liver disease,ibs,fever,cold, fistula,skin disease, ascities , foetal disease and even death. 🌷

🤔Who might not effected or less effected?

👉Those with good digestion, who exercise regularly ,young ,strong,who take less quantity of incompatible food might not effected or less effected by them.🌹🏵️

🤔How viruddh ahara effects body or causes diseases ??

👉They cause low digestive fire ( results in accumulation of toxins), aggravation of doshas and hampers conversion of rasa (nutrition) into dhatus(tissues). 🌺🌺

👉Effect of some incompatible food are fast and some have slow poison like effects. 🌺🌺

🤔How to overcome the bad effects of viruddh ahara?

👉 Take Shodhan therapies 🌿
👉Follow Ayurvedic diet rules. 👍
👉Use in dNitya sevaniya aharaiet. 🌾
👉 Regular exercise. 🏃‍♂️

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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